Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wow! Time sure does fly by when you're not looking! I don't have alot to share today...I've been busy...preparing!

Preparing for a fun and easy quilt.

And on the other end of the quilt spectrum...

preparing for a traditional curvy adventure!

And I've been preparing for rain.

ATS progress was made and I'm to that infamous cloud! So I'm sure that will keep me busy off and on thru the summer! ha!

Prep work is done....time for some productivity!



Sylvia said...

Great progress on ATS - I bet you will have it done faster than you think. Just look at what fun awaits you below the cloud!!

Deb said...

Don't let the cloud get to you - it's mindless work and you'll get through it - you'll get through it in no time.

Ah, more quilty goodness, but Lord girl, curved piecing? - you're a better woman than I!!

Margaret said...

I want to see what you're making with those plaids..... Now. lol! Love the prep. Love ATS. I better get going on mine -- you're going to pass me by for sure!