Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Since I haven't had a chance to go on the hunt yet this week, I thought I would do another "What Is It?" post! This item was picked up by the hubs.....he said he knew it was old and crackly and white and that I would probably like it. But we're not sure the age or the use!

It's a two piece set.....

a little beaker type thing and it's accompanying little saucer. Have you ever seen one like this? Any idea of the age? It's use? What do you think...."WHAT IS IT?"


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plaids for a Prez...and a Scraps Giveaway!

So yesterday I finally tackled the stack of plaids I pulled from the stash.

My goal....

The Lincoln Museum Quilt. I've always loved this funky colorful quilt, and when my friend, Kathie, mentioned to me that it was going to be the subject of a retreat, I thought I would sew along in spirit!

My stash plaids aren't as colorful as the original quilt.

But it will do. I've got all the blocks done. I made mine just a little smaller....60 x 72. The blocks are 12"....aka it was an easy one to piece between other things yesterday and today. I sewed a few sections together after I took these pics. I anticipate it will be in the "tops to be quilted" pile by day's end tomorrow.

I don't want to put the plaid scraps back into the stash....

do you want them? Heck...I'll even throw in the Lincoln Museum Quilt book! Just leave a comment and I'll draw a winner on Friday!

I've already got my sights set on the next quilt, so I may head back downstairs and get this sucker all put together and clear off that cutting table so I can move on to the next one!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

Today I've got these on the agenda...

heading downstairs to start slicing and dicing! Trying to really use up things in the stash AND get some quilts done! Have to make room for new, ya know!

Speaking of new...I've got some new civil war Madder Red prints in from Barbara Brackman's latest can see those and more, including some vintage items, in my ETSY shop!

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

We've reverted back to winter temps and snow this week here in South Dakota. Yesterday was the coldest of the week, but I still managed to brave the elements (HA!) and make one stop in search of Thrifty Thursday treasure.

I found this lovely Mikasa Intaglio trinket box for a dollar.

Isn't it lovely? In perfect shape!

It happens to be resting on yet another handmade box.

Clearly this was someone's woodworking project. It's rather large...and rather heavy!

Some great copper accents and love those handles!

It needs cleaned....and some rough spots need sanded. And I have no idea what purpose it will serve, but I loved it and loved that it was a flat top! That opens up all SORTS of possibilities!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my 'what is it?' object last week! I do think it is a bamboo planter! First of all, there was plant-like residue in the bowl when I purchased it. Secondly, that center core is hollow but has that little hole at the bottom, which would allow water to flow up in to the stalk of the bamboo! There are no threads in the center core, so it's not for a bottle to screw in to. So I'm going to try and grow bamboo in it and see what happens!

I loved reading everyone's thoughts on what it was so much, I think I'll do that again! I have a few other 'odd' items that I'm not sure exactly what they are! So stay tuned!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Irreconcilable Differences With The Drunkard

It's an amicable split. Truly. Citing irreconcilable differences.

We never did really mesh. The relationship involved things I detest.

Pinning....yuck...I hate pinning.
And slooooooow sewing on the Bernina. Difficult for me, at best. I'm a 'pedal to the metal' kinda quilty gal.

The friction was evident. Puckers.

But I wasn't one to walk away easily. It was worth trying and trying again.

More pins. LOTS of pins.

I cursed every time I had to insert another.
I sewed veeeeerrrrry sloooooowly.
Hating every second of it.

And this is all I get for my trouble?

Sometimes you just have to admit things aren't working out and move on. Part ways.

So this relationship is in the can.

Literally....the trash can.

I ask that you respect my privacy at this focus now will be on the offspring from the relationship.

What to do with the 4 1/2" and 3" offspring...that will be determined later.

Yes...I've parted ways with the was an amicable split...don't cry for me...because I feel so FREE!!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Look what I found this week! Just one thing....

but I think it was a dollar well spent! Usually these shoe molds are found adorned with silk flowers and ribbons and glued within an inch of its life. But not this one! It's in it's original condition...nary a speck of candle wax or hot glue to be found!

Did you do any treasure hunting this week? Find anything good? I may stop off at another place this afternoon....being that it's St Patrick's Day...maybe the luck of the Irish will be with me!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wow! Time sure does fly by when you're not looking! I don't have alot to share today...I've been busy...preparing!

Preparing for a fun and easy quilt.

And on the other end of the quilt spectrum...

preparing for a traditional curvy adventure!

And I've been preparing for rain.

ATS progress was made and I'm to that infamous cloud! So I'm sure that will keep me busy off and on thru the summer! ha!

Prep work is done....time for some productivity!


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

I'm baaaaaack.....I'm back in the saddle again..... (an ode to Steven Tyler. Have you been watching American Idol? He's quite the YEEEESSSS!).

Yessirreeeee....after a week of not finding much, I found a few treasures this week! Whew!

I couldn't pass up this lovely hand signed pottery piece...for two bucks..look at these cute little birds!

And the color!

But can someone please maybe explain to me how this works? This is a solid bowl shape. But as you can see below...there is a hole inside...with an opening at the top of the tube.

I thought you would insert a bottle in the opening to allow water to flow thru the little hole and fill up the bowl. Silly me for sharing this notion with the hubs. He immediately starting dismissing the idea. Something about gravity and water levels and blah blah blah blah blah blah...blah blah blah....I lost interest. LOL Any ideas out there?

The remaining items were a buck each.

Frankoma! For the Frankoma collection!

For a dollar! Wooohooo!

And this! LOVED the raised pattern.

I love the rectangular planters. Perfect for windowsill herbs!

And then these...well...they're just fun! Giant brass clips.

And looked like something Mary Tyler Moore or Rhoda would have had! Okay...I'm completely dating myself (ahem..I'm 45)...but I LOVED watching both Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda. LOVED their apartments...even back in the 70s I was paying more attention to the set design than the characters! LOL I loved the decor...and even that famous M on the wall. Hmmmm...WHY haven't I acquired a K? Note to self....get a K. For your wall. I'll tack this note under the "At Once" clip! ;o)


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

In Like a Lion

In quick time, the March allotment of the SDW sampler is complete! I will qualify it by saying page 3 was not entirely filled with symbol..just a little over half the page. But you know what...a page is a page! March is done...and how fitting it was the butt end of the lion!

Now...the rest of the month awaits creative endeavors other than SDW!


Saturday, March 05, 2011

So This Is Saturday

Where did the week go!? Once it was back to the office, I was M I A from blogland! What's been going on since Monday.....

Little Mister JJ came to visit. He's getting so big...and he'll throw an occasional cheesy grin my cute!

I made two stops prior to Thrifty Thursday and both were a bust. Hard to believe, I know, but it happens!

HOWEVER....on Friday, my work bud, Amy, and I went to our fav' Mexican dive near work and enjoyed a tasty lunch. It just so happens to be situated across the street from another dive thrift store. So in we went.

And out I came....with some pottery. Go figure!

This piece...

I'm still researching. It's heavy...and it's marked "76" and "Cordon Bleu B I A France" on the I'm sure it's oven safe.

I'd still like to know more about it! In my research, only more modern pieces come up in a search. Anyone have any info on this? I'd love to hear about it!

And then even more pottery.

Oooooh..aaaaah....earthy! My fav'! just happens to be...

a GIANT LAMP! LOVE! I'm going to have to rewire it....but for five bucks, I had to bring this baby home to mama! Doesn't it look like a big beehive? kinda? sorta? Anyhooooo.....I think I may have the perfect wicker shade down in the store room for this! I'll have to see if the shade is big enough! I love vintage lamps. One of a kind!

Today I finally got caught up on my Farmers Wife quilt blocks...

and I also put my turn in on the round-robin quilt in my possession. Can't show you that secret and all!

Now I think I'm going to stitch for a bit! I love a Saturday!