Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Thrifty Thursday! on a Wednesday Night!

As promised, it's Thrifty Thursday on a Wednesday evening! It was horribly cold this week...but I am a die hard and made two stops this past week. To the same store.

I spent a whopping $5.00 and brought this little haul home. One stop netted the box you see there under the ironstone pitcher. The box was a buck-fifty.

And the little ironstone pitcher was .75. I'm hopeful it will clean up nicely.

The second stop, just 2 days later, I found this great piece of Wilton Armetale.

It was $2.00! I always grab these pieces of WA if they're reasonable. Classic pieces!

And would it be Thrifty Thursday without pottery? I think not!

It was .75 and it's signed and I couldn't pass it up. Now if those birds looked like the geese from the 80s, it would have stayed on the shelf, but they don' it didn't!

Thank you everyone for your well-wishes and comments on my "nose job" tomorrow. I'm more than ready to get it over with! I'm sure I won't be sidelined too long! I've got things to do ya know!



Julie M said...

Great finds! I love the little ironstone pitcher!

Glenna said...

Nice haul! You really do have the eye. And the nose, apparently! Best of luck on your procedure tomorrow so that you can recover quickly to sniff out next Thursday's bargain. Hee! Seriously, best wishes~

Margaret said...

Great finds! I love that pottery piece with the birds on it. Cool stuff! Best wishes for the surgery tomorrow. Any kind of surgery is no fun. Hope you recover quickly and the surgery is successful!

Deb said...

Great finds as always Kim!! Will be thinking about you today and hoping that everything goes well and that back up and quilting and thrifting soon!!

Kelly said...

Wow that makes me feel old. Crap I have is hitting thrift shops. I got the AW bowl for a wedding gift 18 years ago and I still love it and use it. It does make a great chip bowl if you are planning on keeping it.

TamboinMO said...

Okay, this might sound weird, but do you have a mongo garage sale every year? Are you as good of letting go of things as you are at acquiring them? I keep seeing all of this cool stuff that you get and just wonder to myself.....does she use it all, does she give some as gifts, is she that good of getting rid of other things in her home?
Just curious, as my husband like to acquire, but then I'm the one who is constantly weeding things out. :)

rhinoplasty said...

They are all adorable especially the ironstone pitcher. Your are one lucky person to have them on your house. Oh, how I loved to grab them, lol.
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