Monday, February 28, 2011

Make Mine Mercury Glass!

I've been playing with paint again!

Have you seen the movie It's Complicated, with Meryl Streep? Do you remember the bathtub scene in that movie? She had the most gorgeous mercury glass votive candle cups in her bathroom...LOVE! I've been dreaming of perhaps scoring some mercury glass in my thrifty adventures, but so such luck.

Enter my friend, Blogless Kimm. She mentioned that she was going to try and create some faux mercury glass. She specifically wanted to make her own version of a mercury glass pumpkin she had spied at Pottery Barn a while ago.

I've seen several tutorials on recreating the Pottery Barn pumpkin online...but our endeavor is a bit different in that we aren't using a solid glass pumpkin....nope. We're using a pumpkin candy dish! I'm sure you've seen them! We each picked one up at G'Willy's on the cheap!

I found the Krylon Looking Glass paint at Hobby Lobby ...and it is imperative that you get the Looking Glass paint, because otherwise you'll just end up with something silver. I also picked up another candle cup for cheap to practice the technique.

Basically you tape off your container.

LIGHTLY mist the inside with water....a FINE mist is best...ask me how I know! ;o)

And then...SHAKE the can of Looking Glass paint VERY WELL...and begin to spray on the INSIDE of the must spray on the inside, so whatever you're making in to mercury glass will NOT be food safe, but that was fine with me...I'm thinking candlelight! Turn the container upside down and allow to dry between layers of paint. The paint, the water, and the gravity will all work together to give you the look of mercury glass!

It takes quite a LOT of layers of the Looking Glass paint to get this effect. I like it!!

This weekend I tackled the pumpkin. Who knew that creating your own mercury glass could be so fulfilling...yet cause marital strife?

I cannot help it if we are living in the frozen tundra...there's creative work to be done! So I cracked open the window in the store room of the basement and set to work. Thus the marital strife!

Apparently one should use only a UL Approved paint booth for such endeavors! HA! I'm being sarcastic, but hubs was NOT happy that I was spray painting in the basement.

We weren't overcome with fumes.....there was just a strange scent in the air for a bit.

Of course this sent a certain someone over the EDGE, but I said...creative work to be done and a climate that does not cooperate with outdoor with it!

I really like the way this turned out.

Again...many coats were sprayed......('s nice to have a fan going)

I am sold.

The glow of candlelight...the look of mercury glass.

I still have quite a bit of paint left in that can! I'm going to collect some small votive cups and spray a whole little collection....when it's warmer outside and I can do it in a well ventilated area, of course! ;o)



Margaret said...

Cool stuff!! Amazing for sure! Yeah, the fumes are not a good thing. DS went through a phase where he was using spray paint for some models of his and we worried about the fumes. Bleagh.

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I love mercury glass (don't own any!) so this is a great project. The pumpkin turned out really great.

Cathy Lloyd said...

ROFL! So sorry your latest creative endeavor caused a little marital strife over the weekend. My hubs would just shake his head and retreat to his man cave...

regan said...

I can't count the number of times my hubby has made a stink in the house cuz he is always melting the ends of polyester cording, or using the horrible eyeglass cleaner on his glasses, or coating his workboots in something awful that's reminiscent of burning rubber.....I don't think he'd even notice if I filled the basement with paint fumes! least you cracked a window! You go girl!

I'm definitely going to try this paint technique.....between each coat, do you need to spray the water again? Just wondering.

Cari said...

Wow oh wow....some cool painting there Kim. Amazing. I might have to try that out!! Hugs

TamboinMO said...

Okay, so that is one of the most totally awesome things I've seen in a while as well as totally do-able!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your project gets a A+ ~ holy crow! That is a great technique!! And my mister would have been saying the same thing as yours ~ they can be so anal, can't they?? Could be they're right but it's irritating!!!

Myra said...

Who knew that paint even existed? Great job! Love the pumpkin.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your creativity IS endless! Nice job - thanks for the tutorial (and the strife warning for some).

Theodora quilts said...

wow I didn't know that type of glass spray existed very cool indeed ,enjoy your creative do it yourself mercury glass ,but I am sure you will find the real thing at the thrift shop just be patient,theodra

Siobhan said...

That is so cool!!! Really neat. I loved Meryl's house in It's Complicated. I think I paid more attention to the house and gardens than I did the storyline!

ToastDesigns said...

I'm doing it on a very heavy hob nail crystal glass vase. I don't think the water spots will show up with the glass pattern, so I'll just omit them and do a few light sprays. Might add a gold metallic spray to finish it.