Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Keeping it real on a Tuesday night! That's right...I admit it...I spent the evening thoroughly enjoying the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show on Bravo. I cannot help myself. The Real Housewives franchise is a guilty pleasure of mine....with the exception of the New Jersey housewives...and on occasion the Atlanta and DC crew. But I love the OC, NYC and 90210 ladies!

I must say during the season, I was NOT a Camille fan and WAS a Kyle fan. However...after the last episode and then watching the reunion shows...I have changed my opinion of both. I like Camille MORE and Kyle LESS! Hmmmm...am I the only one? Oh wait...maybe I'm the only one that WATCHES this cheap entertainment! LOL

All was not lost....while I sat and watched them relive the trainwrecks of this past season...I also stitched on Ida Mae Crow.

Moving along nicely! She'll be my first finish of 2011!

Mother Nature is keepin' it real too.....geez....she is reminding us that it IS February in South Dakota. We're supposed to dip down to -16 temp tonight with wind chills thru noon tomorrow of -40 to -50. THAT. IS. STUPID. Just ridiculous that we CHOOSE (ahem...I personally use that term loosely but that is a topic for another day) to remain in this climate. Jakester is thrilled...something that VERY rarely happens in this wannabe-city happened and they have called off school for tomorrow. Due to the cold temps.

I wonder if work will be called off! ha!



Sylvia said...

Ok, that is waaaay too cold for me!!
My guilty pleasure is "The Bachelor" - totally useless, but oh so much fun to watch!!

Little Miss Ida is looking oh-so-cute.

Jackie said...

You know, I felt the same way about Kyle and Camille until the reunion show. Kyle just seemed completely unwilling to bend or be nice during the reunion. She was out for Camille minute one.

Margaret said...

Nice progress on Miss Ida Mae! I don't know. I think I'd take the cold over sitting here in the house wondering if we'll have power by the end of the day because of the ice storm outside. Oh, and we're up to 8 snow days at school now. Not a good thing since they only allow for 4 or 5.

Katrina said...

We've been that cold the past two days but at least we don't have the snow. I only watch the original, real housewives of the O.C. ;-). My other guilty pleasures include Bachelor/Bachelorette, Survivor and Tabatha's Salon Takeover, LOL.

Cute stitching project, love Ida.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Ida Mae is coming along nicely Kim. Stay warm. The weather has been atrocious lately.

Michelle said...

Love Ida Mae. And yes, I also find Real Housewives a guilty pleasure!!!