Monday, January 03, 2011

Monday, Monday...

so good to me! Monday, Monday, it was all I hoped it would be. Yes it's's a Monday and I'm singing! Aaaah. Today I was off for the New Year's Day holiday...kinda wonky holiday schedule, but I'll take it! I do love a Monday at home!

Last night I cut out the toiles and toile-wannabes for my super simple big squares quilt.

Some made the cut...others did not. These will be the core and it will go together swiftly! 10" squares. I'm still debating on the one packed red print there, but we'll see how it goes together. I may have to *GASP! go to the quilt shop and get another red toile.

And today....I finished sewing all of the 9 patch blocks for my New Year's Day quilt start!

And I've already thought of a name for it! You may recall I'm doing a fun sunny yellow nine patch and snowball quilt. I'm going to call it "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow". LOLOL Sorry...can't help it. It came to me when I was making a snowball block. And have I mentioned I already have the backing planned for this quilt? You'll have to wait to see it because I don't have it yet. It's on order. It's one of the new prints from Moda/American Jane....oooh la la...French inspired...uber colorful. As soon as I saw the take offs for it, I knew I would make a quilt top to coordinate with it, just so it could live on the back!

Speaking of Moda...I don't know where my Ebay badge went on my sidebar, but I've got a few new bolts in my Ebay listings. I'm kwiltykim on Ebay and have some lovely bolts of the new William Morris collection as well as some new French General prints! Not many...I was selective and chose those that I would want to use myself. But they're there for your viewing.

And a Christmas gift arrived today! How exciting! My hubs...the poor-at-planning-ahead Christmas shopper that he is, once again was overtaken with last minute guilt on Christmas Eve because he didn't know what 'special' thing he should get me. So I was blessed with a lovely card with cash inside. I love when that happens! I also received an awesome plane zester that I had asked for, as well as a digital scale for weighing yarn (ahem..or postage...or food servings, but I wanted it specifically for weighing yarn), but he didn't know what else to get me. So I got to shop for him for me!

And just LOOK what he got for me!

Oh be still my beating heart!'s true...TWO sets of Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Circular Needles...both the 'small' set and the 'large' set!!

Doesn't the sight make you giddy? I hopefully shall not want for a specific set of circular knitting needles that I cannot configure myself.

So very excited to get these! I've been using the Hiya Hiya DPNs for my sock knitting and have decided I love them, so I was all too pleased to get these lovely sets!

He's such a good shopper that he also scored some lovely lux yarn during a recent online sale. It hasn't arrived yet. Nothing like extending that Christmas cheer!

And so it's been a fabulous Monday but back to work tomorrow. On the bright's January...and I plan to go back to my part-time work schedule at the end of this month! So in a few weeks, I can belt out the Mamas & The Papas every Monday again!

I hope you found reason to sing today!



Glenna said...

Oh, wow, KQ, you have the best taste. I went to your ebay site and such pretties. And isn't your husband a dear man and clever "shopper" to get you such great sets of needles and other goodies. I so much prefer that to the man whose idea of a great gift is to go to Victoria's Secret and buy a black lace thingy 6 sizes too small.... (I don't have a guy like that, but I have friends who do...)

Margaret said...

Oh nice!! Love the toiles! And the yellow snowballs -- yum yum! lol! Great presents from your hubby -- smart man he is! I'd never heard of the Hiya Hiya needles. i'll have to look them up. I went and drooled over the William Morris fabrics on your ebay. I wish I weren't on a stash diet. :(

KathieB said...

Love that toile! I have a toile quilt planned for this year too, to use up some toile strips originally meant for another project but then they didn't play nicely with the other fabrics. Hard to imagine but true...

I plan to beat them into submission sooner or later.

Cool needles. I'll be interested to see how you like them.

Catherine said...

LOL! I will have to share the name of your newest quilt with my boys - they will love it!

I guess if I was a knitter, I would know about the Hiya Hiya needles - I just like saying the name out loud to myself! I like the way your husband shops!

Cari said...

Oh my goodness Kim you are cracking me up !! Love the 'Don't eat the yellow snow' quilt !! You are a riot. And the toiles...yummy. Can't wait to see your usual. And the Hiya Hiya needles...dreamie!! Have fun girl!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Wow... your hubby sure knows how to spoil a gal. I'm not a knitter, but I'm guessing that these are some very special knitting needles. Rnjoy!

woolwoman said...

Kim - I think I got interrupted and did not leave a comment on how GORGEOUS your Ann is and how exciting it was to have that finish - WHOOOHOOOO YGG - Your new SL start is an interesting one. I love several of those fabrics in your ebay store - wish I was a quilter (no not really!) I would love to have a couple of those fabrics - many happy stitches in the new year - melody

Sherry :o) said...

you've made progress! Glad you had a good Tuesday. Looking forward to the finish of the yellow snow