Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Happy Thursday! It's my last Thrifty Thursday of 2010! I still can't believe some are interested in the little things I find and bring home, but I'm glad you are!

This week...ten bucks gone....

and a few more things find there way home.

Isn't this great!

From 1942....I thought it would be great fun to pore over the recipes and try some from 'back in the day'. It's really in great condition for the age. Although I must say I was miffed that they chose to write $3.00 right on the cover! Grrrrr.

As you know from previous treasure hunts, I just love the birds on this Homer Laughlin pattern, so for $2.50 I brought home the gravy boat.

I love using these to hold make-up brushes or as a catch-all for necklaces and things that tend to accumulate on dresser tops.

Did you notice up there I've got the finds perched on top of a black box? It was a buck.

Rough...but I do love a handmade box!

And the four little Libby glass bowls. *sigh*

They're so small, surely they will be right at home on the top shelf with a multitude of other glass berry bowls that inhabit the cabinet. Surely the hubster won't even notice that there are four more little lovely bowls up there. Surely not.

And look!

A damp dishcloth wiped that $3.00 right off the cover! Nice!

I also picked up two black folding easels for .50 each! Nice for little samplers..plates and such! I'm sure you'll see them in future 'around the house' posts!

As always, happy to have you stop by! Enjoy your day and I hope you find some treasure of your own!



Margaret said...

Great finds as usual! Glad that $3.00 price got wiped off easily. Never understand why people deface books.

Deb said...

Score on all the great finds Kim! I have a cookbook like that one - it was my grandmother's. Some of the recipes in the thing will crack you up - like my grandmother's Betty Crocker cookbook - boy did they eat simple back then!!

Love all your other finds too. Hope you're having great "me" time while the boys are away!!

Joy said...

I love seeing your "finds". I would show mine, although so often, they are for gifts that I have in mind.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Yes share your finds! LOVE the gravy boat. We could have used it at Christmas :-)

Melissa said...

Kim, when are you going to start your own shop? ;-) You find the neatest things! I love that black box. Actually I have a thing for boxes - don't know why...

Happy New Year, Kim!

Jan said...

Awesome finds, Kimmie! Love the will have fun looking at the recipes in between the covers!!

Thinking of you and that yardwork!!

Ila said...

Where DO you find these things?? The shops here in Brookings never have good stuff at good prices. :o(

Happy New Year!