Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

First off...thanks for the peppy vibes! Look...they're's already Thursday and I feel like I've got a pep in my step!!! Getting back to it...finally!

Thrifty Thursday is upon us, and I had a chance to stop off and do a little searching at G'Willy's the other day after a week or more hiatus.

I found two things....

and spent less than five bucks!

Loved the robins egg blue on this vintage sugar bowl.

Nary a crack or chip, it had a companion creamer but it was in rough shape so I left it behind.

And I had spied this piece on my last trip in to the store but it was marked $7.00 and..well...that was just a bit too much for my blood on that particular day. But this time when I saw it...

it was down to $2.00! Blue/white ginger jar....Sold!

Love the thrill of the hunt! Did you hunt and gather this week?

I'm excited to pull some things out of boxes and closets and start the holiday decorating later this week and in to the weekend. I'll be incorporating my thrifty finds in to the decor, so stay tuned!



Margaret said...

I love that ginger jar!!! Wow, what a deal! I'm looking forward to seeing your decorating for the holidays. :D

Deb said...

Great finds as usual Kim, but what really got me was the sugar bowl. I don't have an authentic set, but my grandmother painted a set that almost looks like that - she painted a tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl and salt and pepper shakers the same. I'll have to put them on my blog for you to see. Anyway, love all your scores!!

Catherine said...

Great finds! I love that jar!

theodora said...

Just lovely jars it's amaizing that sometimes they just wait for you like it was ment to be .theodora