Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Happy Thrifty Thursday!!! And what a Thrifty Thursday it is today! It was a very good day on Saturday at two of my favorite local haunts!

You know it's a good day when your purchases come home in boxes!

And hubs went along, AND carried boxes, without complaint. It was a good day!

I picked up a bag of marbles...and some old red books...LOVE!

And I continued my role as Foster Mom to all discarded handmade things. A few pieces of handthrown pottery!

And the background. Seriously.

Ninety-Nine CENTS...for a FRAMED piece of handmade lace.

It's not fine's rather crude...but that makes me love it even more. This was someone's pride...and there it was in the picture bin for less than a buck! The shame!

I found more fun things in that picture bin!

A pair of vintage streetscape pics. My hallway is lined with streetscape scenes, so these will fit in nicely!

And don't you love it when you come across something that was clearly from an art show?

for sixty-nine cents!? It's small....and look at the pic print.

Superman's phone booth! Who knew!

and it's signed by the artist. I love picking up these little prints to hang in a small unexpected area. And I loved the subject matter and the pic itself!

And....for the quilt den...

$1.99 a piece...they are heavy...they are ready to hang...they are 15 x 15...and they will find their way to a wall in the quilt den. Great pics of some old quilts!

Always happy to share my thrifty addiction with you! If you've got some great thrifty finds on your blog, let me know!



Margaret said...

Oh, nice! I especially love the quilt pics and the lace. My DH would love the books. :D He loves books....

theodora said...

Hi Kim I always enjoy your nice finds for the thrift store I love the framed lace,and the artsy stuff just perfect for your walls and especially the photo of the quilts ,not to mention the handmade pottery.

Cari said...

Oh my gosh Kim, you really did make a lovely haul especially from the picture bin. I love the lace pic. And sorry about not commenting on your previous post. My personal favorite....Avery of course !! I can't believe how fast she is growing. She is darling. Hugs and have a great weekend.

Sharlotte said...

Wow Kim! What great finds you found! I like several of the things , but in the pottery picture , I really like the one on the far right. I think the Superman phonebooth is a gas!! LOL

Deb said...

Wow, you really made a haul this time! I can't believe you can find so many great things. I think I love the lace the best, although Superman rocks too!!

Joy said...

Wow! What great finds! Don't you wonder why some one has given up these treasures? Glad they found a good home.