Saturday, November 27, 2010

Horn of Plenty

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with friends and family! We had a lovely day, filled with good food and family. Although this was the first year I've had to 'share' any of my kids. Brennan, Amber and Avery headed out to Pierre to spend the holiday with her family. So the remainder of the clan gathered and ate and yacked and watched football. We were even graced with the 16 year old's presence for the entire day. He thought he was going to go stir crazy, but he lasted through much of the day. So much to be thankful for....always a good reminder that our horn of plenty is full!

The patchwork horn of plenty is full as well!

I finished up my giant Amish double-nine patch.'s true I just finished one double-nine patch in greens. This one looks a little different.

and it's GIANT! HUGE 18" alternating plain squares of blue...just waiting for quilting to fill them!

Although the black border calms it all down a bit, it's still too bright and clear for my taste. Once it's quilted, I'll run it thru the washer and dryer and see how it fares. I think I may revert back to my old ways and end up overdying it though. I love overdying quilts! Really mellows them out! I'll keep you posted on the situation once it's quilted!

And speaking of quilted....I got the baby quilt quilted yesterday.

The binding is on and I even have one side sewn down. Today I'll spend some handwork time on it. Shouldn't take too long to get it done.

I hope you're enjoying the weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



Catherine said...

Great quilts - as always!! Love the colors in the baby quilt!

You know where you can send the other one if you don't get the colors toned down to your liking! :)

Margaret said...

Ooooh, both are so pretty!!! I always love seeing what you're working on. Too bad Avery was off with the "in-laws." Sounds like you all had a good time anyway!

Sherry :o) said...

I like your bright quilt - and the baby quilt too!!

Michelle said...

The baby quilt is fabulous - love the colors. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Amish quilt - it will be gorgeous, I'm sure!

schnoobie said...

you get SO MUCH DONE!!!I love everything as usual... but tell me what color would you use to overdye that Amish top?? I like it as is.... but I do have to admit you have this dyer curious??? ... and would you do some test samples first?? AND I want to see the farmers wife blocks!!!!