Friday, November 05, 2010

Focus!! Focus Friday!

Hmmmm...something is amiss with Blogger and picture uploads! We'll see if this works!

Happy Friday!! I'm so ready for the weekend! It's going to be difficult to focus on the task at hand at the office today, when I have so many other things on my mind!

Remember these?

Well...they were still in that same pile....make me yawn. I wasn't excited in the least about starting a quilt with those. was so BLAH!

Enter this!

I spied a bolt of a faux shirting from an old Minick & Simpson line...Christmas Past.

Yes!!! Yessssss......

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Okay...NOW I'm ready to cut in to those greens!!!

And I've got this blocking...

but I'm afraid it might not be long enough. I should have made it longer since I'm a little tall. We shall hold out hope!

And then I picked up my daughter's quilt from the quilter...

so there's binding to be done!

Not to mention laundry, some housekeeping, some knitting, Ann Rayner waiting for some stitches...oh so much to do!!

I'll have to remind myself to focus today! But I'll secretly be waiting for 5:00!!!

Enjoy your Friday!!!



Catherine said...

You always have the most wonderful fabrics!! Loved all your finds from Thrifty Thursday as well!

Margaret said...

Oh that shirting makes it all so exciting! Binding to sew -- my favorite! lol! It's nice the quilter puts it on for you. Hope the knitting turns out long enough!

woolwoman said...

Oh Kim - that really did pull it together - so exciting ! Hope you have a great weekend doing all the stitchy things you love to do - Enjoy! Melody

Cari said...

Oh I am so looking forward to your next quilt. Hugs and have a great weekend !!

Deb said...

Blogger has been a darned pest today!! I think that I like your new set of fabrics better than the first. I hope that you get to immerse yourself in all that fabric over the weekend.

I love to do bindings, but haven't done any in a while. Probably because I haven't finished a quilt in a while!! LOL

Have a great weekend! (and only four more FW blocks to go - I drugged the dog and knocked one out this afternoon). Only kidding - I didn't drug the dog! :o)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I'm a crescent moon lover, so that just makes it pop for me!