Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Now c'mon....don't hate me for bringing it up! But it IS! in the thrift stores! They're putting out the Christmas goods! Look what I found this weekend.

I love vintage nativity figures and have just the creche for these!

But wait...who's that stranger in the back? Why...it's a gargantuan shepherd who's lost his staff! Not sure how he got in with these other lovely hand painted lovelies! But there he is. I'll have to set him aside.

All in all, even with the giant shepherd, $4.50 for the set! Don't worry, I'm not going to display these yet! Nope...no Christmas decorating until after the Thanksgiving dishes have been put away!

I'm afraid our weather may be taking a turn to looking Christmas-like as well! We're in for a super windy day...and some of that "S" word later today...and I'm not talkin' Sunshine!

Tis the season!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



M.T. Pocketts said...

That sure is a bald angel you have there...what's up with that?! Since when did angels go bald? I must have missed that. (lol)

Margaret said...

Took my son to the mall yesterday to find some dress shoes and a tie for him. They already have the xmas decorations up!! Geeeeez!!! Love your little nativity set. lol on the giant shepherd!

Catherine said...

Too funny about the extra large shepard!! It is a lovely set!

Glenna said...

Hmmm. The "s" word. Would that be a snitstorm? I like the giant shephard's expression, which says to me "did a bug just crawl up my dress?" I would suggest you move here for milder weather, but it's going to be 85 degrees tomorrow! Ugh--who can dress for this weather? I'd rather have the snitstorm--I'd happily trade for your weather, only I'm not so good at driving in snit.