Monday, September 27, 2010

Handwork = Happiness!

I've been occupying my time yesterday and today with handwork.

Oh how I love my handwork!!

Remember these?

Well I pulled them out...appliqued a few more while watching football yesterday.

They're really fun to do! I'm not sure how many I've got cut out, but plan to make this a nice large lap size and it will hang on a wall someday. Someday. Lots more to go and obviously it's not at the top of my handwork pile!

Then last night...I was up late readying this. hexie box is ready!

This little bead container is just perfect for holding the 1" hexagon templates, thread, scissors, etc. I can tote this around!

I've been collecting Liberty of London tana lawn prints for quite some time...readying for a super scrappy hexagon quilt. I am inspired by Pam Holland and am blatantly copying her idea of a super scrappy Liberty Hexagon quilt, with her blessing. You can see hers in the right hand column of her blog...she's posing in front of it. STUNNING! The vivid colors and the faded colors and everything in between. I think it will be enjoyable. And I snagged a roll of the Liberty prints that Kaffe put out as well. So it will be a colorful sight to behold! I think this may be my "oh crap it's cold and snowy and I don't wanna leave the office for lunch so I'll eat in" project. Last winter I knit socks, but dang it if someone didn't always come up to me and ask me all sorts of questions about sock knitting and I'm still a newbie! I need to concentrate! It was distracting! But basting hexagons....I can carry on a conversation while I work on this project!

Today is Monday, so I spent time with And They Sinned. You may remember last week I joined in stitching this with Mark Lipinski, and there is now a Facebook page for those wishing to join in! This could be a ten year project for me since it's a Monday only thing for me as of now. Here's my progress.

I do love handwork! And it does bring me happiness! But I gotta share the love and spread the joy among lots of things! One day I'll have some finishes!



Margaret said...

Oh I so agree! Handwork definitely = happiness! Love what you're working on! Just beautiful! Thanks again for the Facebook link. Now I know where to hang out! :D Can't wait to see the hexies. Love me some hexies! And the baskets -- yummy! And your ATS is looking great!

Sylvia said...

You made good progress on your ATS. I might head over to FB and check it out.

Love the fabric you are collecting for your Hex quilt, so very pretty

Erin in MI said...

Kim, Looks like you're having a lot of fun there! Where did you find the pattern for those baskets, though - I've been thinking about them for a month now and couldn't remember who was working on them to ask - and you post about them! I'd love to get a quilt going with those little guys...

Karen said...

Love the baskets! Thanks for posting a photo so I could see them... might be something I'll tackle one of these days. I think I better fill my hexie tote first! One new hand project at a time!

Catherine said...

Handwork does indeed bring me happiness too!!

I always love to see your latest projects - the fabrics are fantastic! It will be fun to watch your hexi progress.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Kim ~ I checked your FB page and then went to the finished design page ~ that piece is huge!!! You are the most ambitious stitcher!!! And quilter!! It will be fun to watch your progress!!!

Cari-in-VA said...

Kim, love your basket quilt - it is just beautiful. Oh, ATS, I really want to stitch this - so many projects, so little time :-) It's lovely.

Siobhan said...

I agree--Handwork = Happiness! :) I love your basket blocks, and am so psyched for you to start your hexies! I hope you'll share lots of WIP pics as your pile of hexies grow. Love your ATS, too!

woolwoman said...

I'm with ya on the handwork = happiness ! Love your hexie idea with the Liberty prints - and the baskets are so wonderful. I've got ATS all kitted up - even have the original fabric that was dyed for it and the zillion overdyed cottons (sigh) if only there was more time - enjoy! Mel