Friday, September 10, 2010

The Garden Still Giveth

This was my seriously delicious lunch today.

It was soooo good! 3 roma tomatoes and small handful of basil from the garden. I'm so glad the garden still giveth!

Sliced the 3 roma tomatoes in to about 1/4" slices...not really important the size. Drizzled some extra virgin olive oil in a sauce pan...tossed in the sliced romas...3 cloves of garlic minced up and tossed in...some kosher salt....and a few of the basil leaves. Simmered this by it's lonesome until the spaghetti noodles were done cooking. Plated it up (like my Food Network speak?), garnished with the rest of the basil leaves, a sprinkling of red pepper flakes...

Lunch is served. I am still seriously reveling in how good this was and I cleaned my plate about 2 hours ago! Super easy...if your garden still giveth...give it a try!



Taryn said...

Wow, that looks incredibly delicious. No garden at my house but we have a great produce stand. I buy tomatoes every chance I get.

Margaret said...

Sounds delicious! Unfortunately I doubt my son would approve. :D

Tracey said...

Yum! Aren't herbs fresh from the garden the best?