Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Change

Okay...disclaimer. If you're reading this now because you think my title is alluding to a menopausal topic, you would be mistaken. Granted I'm probably in that peri-M stage...I'm not undergoing that kind of change.

However, Mother Nature has been going thru The Change. was downright chilly! and damp! and dare I say ....cold? Okay...maybe not COLD, but there is a definite change in the air. My favorite time of year is fast approaching...AUTUMN! I love it!! The season of sweaters, socks, Birkenstocks (okay..I wear birks all year long, but you know what I mean). Crunchy leaves....nights of windows-open slumber. it!

I've been knitting this week pretty much. Perhaps something to do with the aforementioned 'change'?

I'm a little over half done with the 3 Way Wrap! How exciting! It's going to be so cozy comfy and soft! And hopefully I'll have it done in short time. If I would only dedicate every waking moment to knitting.

But, alas...........other things always call out to me for attention!

A couple evenings this week I've been downstairs cutting fabric...

trying to condense the bolts in inventory...I'll be offering up some fat quarter bundles and some half yard bundles. Either on Etsy or Ebay...not sure yet. But cutting all of this off the bolts takes a lot of time! It's got to be done though...and so I shall tarry on! ETA: Cutting is complete and I have five half-yard bundles...17 different colors of wonderful Moda Bella Solids.. 8 1/2 yards total. Blog Readers Special $39.99 shipped in the US for the entire bundle! I also love to ship international for additional postage! Grab these at this price if you'd like some fun quality solids in the stash! Just email me at!

I did, just this morning, cut some strips for the next quilt top. I even got ONE pair of strips sewn together before work this morning!

Aren't you proud? I really do catch a sewing minute whenever I can! I think I'll head down to sew for a bit this evening actually!

Enjoy your evening!



Margaret said...

The weather is wonderful, isn't it? I love it! Nice knitting! And all those wonderful colors of solids! Yum! I wish I weren't in the poor house right now. :( Such a bummer not to have spending money. I love the colors of your latest quilt so far -- pretty pretty! Hope you get to squeeze in more sewing/knitting time!

Linda C said...

l love how you use those solids. The irish chain in your last post is very similiar to an antique l have. Just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing th photos.

Catherine said...

As always, your goodies look sooo good! I absolutely love that wrap - anyway you'd make me one like that? I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a comfy wrap today ;)

Have a great rest of the week!

Sherry said...

I love autumn too - fav time of year! I can't wait for apple picking, which has started for some varieties already in my area. Silly me, I thought you had a weekly trip you made out on Thursdays to search for I think you should post as you find...I love seeing what you end up with and hearing what you're going to do with them! Can't wait to see what you do with your new fabric cuts! The wrap sounds very interesting and I love the color.