Sunday, September 19, 2010

Avery Was Here

She came to spend a few hours with Grammy today!

She's great company.

She loves to hear the sound of her own coo.

And with the caliber of the Cowboys play today, I had to watch the sound of MY own coo, so as not to be a bad influence.

She learned "WOOOOHOOOOO!" and "C'MON!!" and "YEAH!" and "NO!" and "CRAP!"

And she was a shame the Cowboys lost. We'll look forward to next week. When hopefully she'll join me for a game again!



Melissa said...

She is such a cutie, Grandma Kim! Those eyes are amazing!

Margaret said...

What a cutie!! I bet she's going to grow up to be a Cowboys fan. :D

Jennifer said...

I have to watch myself too. Those Cowboys really have my goat this year. So much why can't we win???????

Catherine said...

She is adorable - she'll be melting many a heart with those eyes!