Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

This week....I found another project! YAY! Hoping to gain some great insight on this one!

Isn't it lovely??? **EDIT: It's RANSBURG POTTERY!!! Thanks everyone for the info!**

It's large...maybe a cookie jar? Not sure but I loved it the moment I saw it! Mexican perhaps?

Look at that color!!

and for a couple bucks, it came home.

Once home, it was determined that the thing was FILTHY!

with a capital F! Definitely in need of cleaning! So I got to work.

and this is when the project begins.

Look what happened.

Booohooohoooo!!!! :o(((

Honestly I am not strong...I did not put a ton of muscle in to this. I let it soak. And the color disappeared! :o(( Even the purple that was on the flowers faded.

This makes me very sad.

Very very sad.

I'm thinking of finding some of that lovely red/poppy color and trying to repaint the thing. And then I will SEAL it, because I don't think, obviously, that it was sealed. *sigh*

I hope it's not ruined. Because I *REALLLLLY* want it to look like this again...

Since Paula was so nice to comment back on my cherub find and how to do a fantastic faux finish on it(Thank you SO MUCH for that info, Paula!), I'm hopeful one of you smart readers will have some idea on how I can get this back to how it looked before. But not dirty. Just poppy red.


I've got two projects now! Perhaps I'll tackle both this weekend!!



Cari said...

Dang...although I would have washed it too!

Margaret said...

What a bummer! I'm afraid I have no clue what to do. :(

Catherine said...

Bummer! Wish I had some hints for you. I would have done the same thing and probably would have cried as well! Acutally I have done something similar before, and yes, I cried!

Lisa said...

Awesome! I have one EXACTLY like that! I saw an article in a magazine once (Country Living or Country Home) that showed the home of someone who collected these in all colors. I wish I could find more!

Erin in MI said...

I don't have any painting hints for you, but I think I can help with the least a little bit. I think it's a home painted jar, as my great-grandfather painted one that is the exact same shape, only he did his in teal as a background. At least, that's what my Mom tells us as to where it came from...good luck!

woolwoman said...

sorry your jar faded - aacckkk - I missed your last couple of posts - I have to look up that 3 way wrap on Rav - love the DB yarn and the LM needles are my most fave needles in the world. the little one is sooooo cute - Love the new start on Abigail - can't wait to see more of her. Have a fun weekend! Mel

TamboinMO said...

Oh shoot! What a bummer! I love those kinds of cookie jars....would love to have a collection of them, they are just so whimsical.

Loraine said...

Oh NO! So sorry Kim. I hope you can make it look good again. Who would have known that it would fade. I'm such a clean freak it probably would have been white after I got done with it!
Crying with you!