Monday, August 09, 2010

Quilts Old & New

Or maybe I should say Quilts New & Old? Regardless...let's look at some quilts that are new to the household over the past few days!

This morning, I got the cheddar quilt put together!

And I'm glad. I love the graphic nature. While I was making it, I was pondering hand quilting it....but, the more I pressed those seams, it may just make a trip thru the Bernina for some diagonal crosshatching.

A new quilt made to look old! It will be bound in the cheddar...washed and puckered and will be good to go!! I do have one last 'kit' available for this, sans the Antique Quilts magazine. Moda fabrics for the top and binding. $54.99 shipped. Just email me if you're interested in making your own cheddar quilt!

Friday there was an estate sale in town and the email flash I got about it said "Calling All Quilters". Well..that of course piques my interest, but these estate sales are the type that you need to get in line. Early. In the morning. To get a number to gain entry in to the house. It started Friday. Friday morning. When I had to be at work. *SIGH* Dang it! I sat at my desk all day wondering what would be left, figured probably nothing much, but decided to drive over after work. And I found a couple things! Some I will share on Thrifty Thursday, but the quilts I will share now!

First I found this quilt top draped over the arm of a chair, and could hardly believe my eyes.

I have been to several of these particular style estate sales and never have spied a quilt block, let alone a top or a quilt. Even though they advertise that they are there. Just never been my luck I suppose. But Friday I was in luck.

Granted there are some 'condition problems', as they would say on the Antiques Roadshow. But I was willing to overlook them. I'm hopeful this stain, which is along a fold, will come out. I took it out to share with my pal, Twyla, this morning, and she does think it will come out.

Isn't it lovely? Lemoyne Stars. Hand pieced and then the blocks are set together by machine. I loved that yellow plaid! My plan is to quilt it...and if that staining doesn't come out, I will just overdye it in tan Rit dye and go with it. I'm easy that way! ;o)

I thought it was a deal at $20. My first real 'vintage' quilt! And I love how the quilter 'made do' and added a rectangle of a different blue to finish the border. My kinda gal!

Then I moved down to the basement at this house and spotted this tucked in a dresser drawer.

OMGosh I was in love. A red, green & gold applique quilt! Again, with 'condition problems'...this one has some big issues, but again, I was willing to overlook them!

This was definitely a well-loved and used quilt! There is one tear in the top that I will mend by hand. It's very small. The backing is disintegrating. It's hand appliqued and obviously has age, but at some point it was machine quilted. Pantograph style. But not recent. So again, Twyla and I were trying to figure out a method to the quilter's madness, and ways to salvage this lovely quilt. Do I leave it as is and just fold it up and enjoy it? Do I slowly pick out the pantograph quilting....and give it a new batting and backing and quilt it again? Maybe. The quilting is already coming out in areas. Of course this would be a long-term project, because I'm really not that excited about sitting and picking out tons of quilting!! So we'll see. Maybe I'll remove the quilting as it chooses to come undone, and one day it will all be out!

Again...I thought this was a deal...

$20....for a real true vintage applique quilt! The second in my collection! ;o)

I love how the green is now a teal-ish color...

love the fading!

Quilts New & Old! I love them all!!

If you have any suggestions for the cleaning and stain removal, I'd sure love to hear from you!

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday! I'm going to sit and knit for a bit and ponder the next quilt to start!



Jennifer said...

Oh how I love the estate sale finds! I haven't been lucky enough to find a nice quilt yet because they are usually gone by the time I get there too. But, I have been able to pick up some other worthy items and give them life in a new home.
Check out my blog for the piece that I found this past's AMAZING!!!!

Sorry I don't have any stain tips.

Happy Estate Sale Shopping!

Confessions of a Serial Starter

Deborah said...

I love the vintage quilts. You are one lucky girl.

Margaret said...

Whoa!!! First off, beautiful cheddar finish! I'm trying to be good or I would grab that cheddar kit in a flash. I bet I'll regret not going for it.

Second, wow! What quilts you found!!!! Wow wow wow!! They're both wonderful!! I'm not one for knowing about stain removal and stuff, I'm afraid. Maybe you could email someone like Barbara Brackman (who has a blog) or something? I dunno. Good luck! Love them -- you are so lucky!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous finds and your cheese quilt came out so pretty too.

Paulette said...

Great purchases!! I've never been to an estate sale.. I'm going to HAVE to go to one one of these days, just to see what the fuss is all about! :)


carol fun said...

Your cheddar quilt is sooo pretty. I love all its cheesy goodness! And boy did you score at the estate sale. I'm glad that these quilts went home with someone who will appreciate them. On one hand you want to tell the sellers that they don't know what they have but then on the other hand you don't want to tip your hand. And then I always wonder about the quiltmaker too.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love the cheddar quilt... congrats on your finish. Great vintage quilt finds. We have estate auctions here in my little corner of Iowa. Once the weather cools down a bit I'd like to attend one to see what all the fuss is about. I know my friend stocks her booth at the antique mall with her 'finds' from the estate auctions.

Sherry said...

drat that work - gets in the way - but then these are expesive interests we all have necessitating the work - vicious circle it is! Love the quilts and luck finds for you - good luck on the stains. I don't see many estate sales in my area, just garage sales and not many quilts there! Glad you enjoyed the concert...and the cheddar - so pretty and it came together really quick!

Karol said...

Great finds at the sale. Your cheddar quilt is beautiful.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

You KNOW I love estate sales, too. Sometimes you win and sometimes, not so much. I'd say that yesterday you won BIG!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Ooops, forgot to say, LOVE the cheddar quilt, Kim. It's fabulous!

diamondc said...

I am so envious you are truely the best thrift shopper I have ever heard of and soooo lucky to have worked all day and to find the quilts you did at the end of the day, they are lovely, you are the Thrift Goddess in my eyes.
Thank-you for sharing.


Cari said...

Your cheddar quilt is simply FABULOUS Kim...I love it!! Congratulations. And, good finds at the estate sale. I do like your idea to over dye if the stain doesn't come out. You go girl! Hugs

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You have a nice start to your quilt collection!!! And me, too ~ love your cheddar quilt!

Jan said...

Beautiful quilt finish, Kimmie and all I can say is wow to those old quilt finds! Don't know how you do it!!

woolwoman said...

very exciting post Kim - I love your cheddar finish - awesome! Those quilts you found at the estate sale are wonderful - love the appliqued one and it would be good if you could figure a way to stablize it. Good idea on rit dyeing the one with the stain if it proves to be stubborn. Loved seeing them and glad they found a home with you. Mel

Michelle said...

So so so in love with that cheddar quilt. I'm going to have to make one - it's just fantastic!! I'll have to wing it though since I don't have the magazine!