Sunday, August 08, 2010

Absolutely Amazing...

with Great BIG CAPITAL "A"s!!!

Jackson Browne and his full band put on the most AMAZING show last night.

I'm still giddy.

I saw him back in 2003 on his Solo Acoustic tour...and I thought THAT was amazing. This man, in all of his 60-something-year-old hotness, sounds so was a remarkable show.

The hubs is not really a least not on my we played Jackson CDs on the drive down to Sioux City so he could familiarize himself with some of his work other than Running On Empty. After the show...he is a fan. And he said "He sounds EXACTLY like his CDs even now!" I then very nicely remarked that he is also almost 62 years old! His voice....pristine...remarkable....awesome! ***EDIT: oh yeah...and he's HOTTTT!

The show was just absolutely amazing. With capital As!

**EDIT: Did I mention he is HOTTTTT!?!!??



Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the show. If he comes to Detroit, I'm there! Hi IS hot!

60+ and totally rocking those jeans!

Elaine said...

LOL - glad you had such a great time.

Cari said...

Great...glad you had a super time!!

Margaret said...

Cool stuff! He IS hot! Always has been of course. lol! Glad you had fun!

lynda said...

I'm green with envy! I love Jackson Browne and every time we've seen him live he just sounds even better. Glad you and your hubby enjoyed the show.

woolwoman said...

Oh WOW Kim - I feel your excitement - I know how HOT these 60+ rock idols of our youth can be. We love Jackson and I have never seen him live - he is on the wish list along with RUSH - getting a chance to rock out in a live show really gives you a chance to shed the years and just feel young and free again - something that is SO worth the time and money. Glad you enjoyed and hey - love that DB pale blue Cashmerino in your last post. Rock on ! Mel