Sunday, July 04, 2010

Progress, Gifts & Celebration


Well....I spent some more time down in the quilt basement....and have another quilt in the 'ready for the handwork on the binding' pile.

I'm a little disappointed with myself, but I got over it. I had envisioned this quilt to have a casual wave of a scallop edge. New territory for me...and every time I started measuring and drawing, I ended up with formal deep scallops. BLECK! So I said screw it...and just went with a typical straight binding. It's basically a 'whole cloth' quilt. The front is that huge vintage looking red floral. The back..another Heather Bailey print. Ready for the binding to be finished.

I've got the binding pile down to 3 quilts now. But...I did get a call the other day that I have another quilt ready to be picked up from the Flag Day Farm quilt. So there will be another one for the pile.

And this one too...

It's one of the last languishing to-do projects downstairs! It's pinned and ready for me to quilt it....but frankly, I was sick of sitting at the machine, so I've taken a break, and taken to my sampler stitching, at least for this evening!


I received some great gifts this week...from friends far and near!!

Look! Look what Deb (my friend from 'far') sent to me!

Another lovely lone shaker for my collection! She is such a dear to think of me when she runs across these, and I just love this one! Lovely silver overlay with a deep cobalt blue. Gorgeous!! Thank you SO MUCH, Deb!

And then I got this lovely jar from my 'near' friend, Kay!

She apparently read my dilemma wherein I was saying that I was on the lookout for yet another glass canister to hold Scrabble tiles and such, and lo and behold...she happened to have the perfect canister and gifted it to me!!! Thank you so much, Kay! As I's perfect! ;o)


And Happy 4th of July to you all!!! It's been a somewhat relaxing day around here.

as Ellie will attest. And I expect more of the same for the evening. The Jakester is out and about with his teenage buddies....and after a trip to the fireworks place, I'm sure they'll be reveling a bit later. Given that he is hanging with his buds, this means that the hubs doesn't have a partner-in-crime to go spend waaaaaay too much money ( opinion of course) and drive outside city limits to set things on fire and make things that go BOOM! He seems a bit lost. He ambles out to the backyard from time to time and lights a bottle they ever grow up?

As for me, I'm looking forward to a nice evening with the needle and Emmitt by my side. He absolutely abhors this time of the year. As far as he's concerned, this is NOT a celebratory day and he hates all things that go BOOM!

I don't think he'll mind watching the Boston Pops celebration later this evening though! And we'll spare ourselves from an obscene number of mosquito bites by staying in this evening too!

That's a good reason to celebrate!



Margaret said...

Love your quilts and your gifts too! Fireworks are illegal here, so my teenage son and daughter have just gone with their friends to watch the legal ones closeby. :D DH and I are like you -- we're staying in and watching fireworks on TV. Enjoy! (Poor Emmit. I know the feeling! lol!)

Siobhan said...

Nice gifts! I love your quilts--can't wait to see the WIP, and your quilted Flag Day Farm!

Tolentreasures said...

Glad that you are getting through your "to do" pile. Mine is still stacking up. I was at a place this past week where you can rent time on a long arm quilter. I had not seen that before. Interesting concept.

Deb said...

The quilts look great Kim - sorry about that scalloped border, but maybe next time. Love your gifts - especially that shaker! LOL I don't know what it is, but every time I see one all by it's lonesome I think of you.

Hope you're getting a lot more done today!

Sherry said...

love your quilt finishes...sounds like you're making a lot of progress. Isn't Deb a sweetheart! Love the cute gift she sent!