Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

If you've read prior posts, then you know my week's been pretty full with little Avery's arrival, but I did stop off at G'Willy's yesterday after work (before heading up for another baby holding session!), and I found a couple things!

$5.00 big apple cookie jar! Love it! Can't really see it in the pic, but the coloring and shading is AWESOME and it shows a little age. Marked 'Made in Portugal', I'm excited to put it up with the other colorful fruit pitchers, cookie jars and roosters!

And then for two bucks I picked up the kind of dominoes I'm allowed to continue to collect for now (self-imposed wooden dominoes moratorium).

Sorry for the poor picture lighting! My usual camera isn't where I keep it ( baby in the family...missing camera...) so I used my other camera that I haven't used much (translation: don't know much about the settings etc yet but need to learn!). But I hope you get the gist of the purchases!

Did you get out and about and come home with any finds this week??



Margaret said...

Great cookie jar! I'm amazed you still managed some thrifting with the new baby and all. Enjoy that baby holding! :D

Cari said...

I'm still drooling over Avery Mae!! The BEST

Deb said...

Another congratulations on the new precious arrival Kim!

And great cookie jar. Even a new one in the family can't keep you from the thrift stores! LOL

Andrea said...

Great finds Kim! My kitchen theme used to be apples, I got rid of most of all of it years ago, save for a couple of apple cookie jars I couldn't part with...a vintage one and one my mother made. She said the color was so hard to work with, and the glaze wouldn't cooperate, but the result was like a big candy apple, gorgeous!
Anyway, guess I'm trying to say, apples are still cool, if you find the right one ;-)

Precious baby Avery Mae...are you lovin' that new baby smell? It's heavenly :-)