Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Hello and Happy Thursday!! Time again to share my Thrifty finds with you from this past week!!

As you may recall, I set out with my friend, Blogless Kimm (I think she should start a blog and call it Blogless Kimm!)....anyway...I set out with my buddy ol' pal Blogless Kimm Saturday noonish for an afternoon of junkin'! We always have such fun when we get together because we 'get' each other. There's no judgemental behavior as we pick up this or that and ponder a purchase....just helpful banter "what's your plan for it?" "how will these look painted?"...stuff like that. Always a good time!

I must apologize...because even though I carry around a very nice camera in my bag...I seem to always FORGET that I carry around a very nice camera in my bag. I need to get better at whippin' that thing out and taking pics in public! So no 'action shots' of our outing. Booo...hiss....bad blogger Kim. I will try to be better about that!

But here are some of my finds.

Surprise! More Pyrex! That's a rather large bowl on the right and a matching little mixing bowl on the left. There was also a middle bowl that is white with the green motif...but it's in the frig with chicken salad in it, so it's not in the pic! ;o) Great finds there! Cheap! I believe the large one was two bucks..and the smaller ones were 75 cents! SCORE! I do love good ol' Pyrex!

Here's a few more things...

Loved the little pottery 'chest'...and that's a Princess House crystal lidded container. It was two bucks. Nary a chip or scratch! They're sitting in a long wooden dish from the was a buck. Another one of those earthy 'catch all' things that will be put to use!

Kimm found lots of great things too. Among them, she scored a GREAT table....nice square side accent table that she's going to paint. pic...but it was fabulous and ten bucks! She was also on a mission to find modern silhouette vases/containers. She has some spray paint that makes things magically turn in to mercury glass that she plans to try out on those. I can't wait to see how they end up! I'm going to have to find some of that paint myself I think!

Our last stop I found this nice art pottery piece.

Perfect condition...three bucks....

I thought it might be nice to warm tortillas in...and just use as a nice covered casserole!

Blogless Kimm and I had a great time treasure hunting! We will continue to do more...and I will continue to try and remember to pull out my camera!

We both decided we will always love junkin'...but we're fine with being selective about things now and giving careful consideration to purchases...even if things are "just a buck" point in going overboard just because it's "just a buck"!

It's nice to go thrifting with a pal!



Deb said...

Get finds once again Kim. It's so nice that you have a thrifty partner. I'll be interested to see how her Mercury Glass experiment works out.

Margaret said...

Great finds as always. Somehow when I go to thrift stores I just see junk. lol! Mercury glass -- that will be cool!

Cari said...

It's always fun to indulge one's self with a friend!! Super, duper finds!! Hugs

Catherine said...

Nothing better than a thrifting day - except a thrifting day with a friend!! Great finds!

carol fun said...

You always find the coolest stuff - I had some of that pyrex when I was first married. I'd love to see what Kim does with the mercury glass paint - I'm going to have to look for that since I love mercury glass and have a little collection of it.

Kathie said...

always fun to see what you buy
do you give yourself a limit when you go shopping?
do you have a list of things your looking for?
or is it all with what is available when you shop?

thanks...yes keep looking for those scrabble letters!