Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Summer Kitchen In Italy?

Don't I wish! Nope...instead I'm coming to your from a 50s Ranch Kitchen in South Dakota.

But it sure smells like Italy...mmmmmmmm...can you smell that?

A couple pints of grape tomatoes....several heads of garlic...

drizzle with olive oil, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper...and roast. The ranch is filled with a heavenly smell! LOVE it!!

I looked out the window this morning and noticed my basil is in REALLY REALLY growing.

So I thought I'd roast some tomatoes and garlic. Yummy chewy roasted tomatoes...fresh basil...roasted garlic...tossed with some angel hair pasta and a little olive oil. That will be on the menu at some point this weekend!

I'm also going to be adding some of those roasted chewy red treats to this..

along with some button mushrooms, bottled Italian dressing...and some feta cheese. One of my fav' pasta salads to keep on hand!

That's what I'm up to this afternoon. I may venture downstairs for some more sewing....and we're also on 'oh-my-gosh-that-first-grandbaby-could-come-at-any-moment' watch. Amber was dilated to a one on Thursday...and I stopped over today to visit and she was feeling 'crampy' and had a backache. Yeppers.....little baby girl will be here soon!

What are you up to today?



Cari said...

Oh my Kim....that looks so good. My mouth is just watering... I'm going to try your recipe. I love simple tomato, garlic, basil sauce on pasta or pizza dough. Yummy!!! Getting excited to hear all about your darling new GRANDdaughter soon to be arriving!! Hugs

Myra said...

You must be reading my mind. After looking at the oregano and basil in my herb garden today, I headed to the grocery and bought supplies to make a big crock pot full of spaghetti sauce tomorrow. Yum! Now datz Italian! LOL

Margaret said...

Want to cook for me? lol! Got my luscious package in the mail yesterday. Yay! Love it all! Those Amish colors -- yum!

Bet you're excited about the future grandchild! I'm sorry -- you're still way too young for that! :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow that sounds devine!!!

woolwoman said...

your basil looks fantastic Kim - Wish I was there LOL ! good luck with the arrival of the new baby.