Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday and More Finishes

Have I mentioned lately how much I love having Mondays off? I am really starting to relax and enjoy these three day weekends. It has taken a while...I was so used to being all worked up on Sundays knowing the office loomed the very next day...but not any more! I can completely slack off on Sundays and still feel relaxed when Sunday evening rolls around!

Yesterday I spent my Sunday evening (after really slacking off through the day) down in the sewing room/studio/quilt den aka the basement. I had some butt ends of French General toweling rolls to tend to.

Super simple finishing of the ends...

and walaaaah!

Lots of new dish towels...of the French variety!

If you get the chance to pick up any of the French General toweling...I would recommend it. The towels are great! As I mentioned...these were made from the butt end of the rolls I had for sale. Which means I don't have any more of these colors available. I do have one roll that just came's the natural color with the blue stripes. I can't wait to have a butt end of that roll to tend to!

This morning, I decided to tackle some of the hand work that IS quilt binding that is building up.

I finished this one....made from a few charm packs of Nest by Tula Pink...makes you wanna say "Marsha Marsha Marsha" doesn't it? Uber 70s! Love it!!

and I love the back just as much, if not a little more! It's a Heather Bailey print that I just fell in love with!

I also got the binding all done on this great Jo Morton quilt too.

Quite the opposite end of the quilt spectrum than the 70s Nest quilt...but my heart sings when I work with reproduction fabrics in this vein!

I would definitely say I have way more civil war style fabrics and quilts around the house than any other.

And the backing on this one....I chose the Blackbird Designs sampler backing! Combining two of my favorite things. Samplers and quilts!

It was a very productive three days this weekend! I've got four more quilts that need the binding handwork done....I've got 20 blocks to sew for the round robin quilt that's due in July...and I've got a quilt that is crying out for scallops to be measured and cut, along with binding. After those things are taken care of....there will not be anything else crying out "Finish Me!" when I go downstairs! I'm excited to get things I can create MORE things that need finishing!

It's neverending....but that's okay!



Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love this last quilt ~ very antique looking!! And the French General towelling ~ that's a good thing!

Cari said...

Never ending kind of never ending! WOW - you are one productive gal!! Thanks for sharing!

Margaret said...

What eye candy! Yummy! Love the Tula Pink quilt and the Jo Morton one too. That Heather Bailey backing! Gorgeous!!! And your toweling -- nice! You are definitely using your weekends to great advantage!

Deb said...

Definitely a productive few days Kim. You get so much done!!! And about that scalloped border - the latest For Love of Quilting (Fons & Porter) has instructions on how to do it. See, ask and you shall receive!!

K-G Knitter said...

I'm impressed with how quickly you finish everything! I love those dishtowels!!!!

Michelle said...

wow - you've been productive!!! Love the Jo quilt especially. And the French General towelling is awesome!

Catherine said...

Love it all!! Those towels, add them to my list too!

Myra said...

Wow! You accomplished a lot. I love the Tula Pink quilt - she is one of my favorite designers.

Sherry said...

Love the GGS! And glad you're loving your three day weekends...I love when I take a Fri or Mon off and have that third day! Beautiful quilts!

Loraine said...

So many great finishes! I love your Jo Morton quilt, and your "Marsha" quilt too. I'm on a bit of a Jo Morton obsession right now, so I'm interested in acquiring all her books.
Great new towels too!

Cari-in-VA said...

Love, love your towels and that Nest fabric is beautiful as a quilt - one of my favorites. I don't know where you find the time to do it all.