Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

I know...I know.....I know what you're thinking when you check in on Thursdays. "I wonder what kind of crap she brought home THIS week?" ha! I know that's what the husband thinks...but hey...I remind him I have an EYE for this stuff!

More dominos!!! Colorful...they just needed a little bath and they're in their full glory!

Then there was this trio...

Look! Look what the girl in the small picture is DOING!!!

Yessirreeeeee....she's KNITTING....SOCKS.....RED socks!!! It was a SIGN! ;o)
I'm going to paint the frame....probably RED!

And I just loved the framed map print...

for three bucks!
I might try and do something about that gold frame though.

And I couldn't pass up this great carved piece either!

Tropical-cool! I loved it! I can see it hanging outside....back deck....with some other Mexican pottery pieces!
Of course that man that lives here does not like it at all.
Says the bottom part is freaky.
Maybe that's why I like it! ;o)

And then look at these. What a SHAME....I feel bad for the potter...

These are art-festival type pieces!! Three of them! For .99 each!
That's a crime! I snagged them quickly.

Yes..there's more. And I only stopped at two places this week.
Go figure!

The large strawberry cookie resides among my colorful roosters and figural fruit pitchers above the kitchen cabinets!
The clear canister....dominos!!!! Dominos are going in there!!!
You might remember when I was in Dallas,
I found a similar one that was rounded...that one is housing marbles!

And there was this bag...

Buttons buttons buttons....lotsa buttons!
Two bucks.
And then the funny little whimsical gnome dude...

It was a fine thrifty week!



Margaret said...

Nice finds all! My DH would love those mugs -- he's a mug person for sure. Loves pottery. :D I do too! The dominos are great and colorful! Great pictures and great primitive totem pole! The gnome of course makes me think of -- what is it? Travelocity? Or whatever commercial series that is.

Cari-in-VA said...

Great finds, Kim. Love the colorful dominos! What a sweet picture of the girl knitting and the map is fabulous. I want to collect (yep collect) old maps to frame and hang in my husband's home office.

Margaret's right, the travelocity gnome - too funny.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow you really did great this week. It has been very sad in our area lately. Nothing worth buying or prices that are starting to give me sticker shock!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your little 'gnome dude' looks like a Tom Clark piece ~ is his name on the bottom? Anyway, he's cute!! You are a power shopper!!

Catherine said...

You've done it again!! Great finds - my favorites are the gnome and the mugs! Oh, and that strawberry cookie jar!

Loraine said...

Cool stuff! You really do have an eye for stuff. I love the carving! We bought some of those and payed wayyyy more than 5.99. That is a steal.
Love the buttons too. You can never have enough buttons. One card would cost you 2.00 at Wal-Mart!
Good job.
Yes, I'm going to get my Farmer's wife quilt book out, and see if I can make progress on it with you and Deb. Thanks for the push!

Deb said...

Great finds once again Kim. I think that I especially love the picture - anything with something stitchy, knitty or craft related in the picture would get me anytime. I have to say I'm with your hubs on the carved piece too - a little scary! LOL

Anonymous said...

the bag of buttons and maybe even the dominos....i get it.

the mask? yeah, i wonder about you. seriously.


Sherry said...

love the newest block for your bom quilt....I agree the reds are fabulous! I don't even knit and the yarn is yummy! Love your finds...buttons especially! Keep treasure hunting!

Bre said...

ooooo I need those buttons for my collection, ha ha! I need to stop collecting random crafting supplies. Gnome is too cute! Take the map krinkle it all up, then undo it, take some light antique colored ink and a sponge and put it on it and then iron it and it will look all old and then next thrifty thursday look for a frame for it!

Cari said...

My personal favorite this week is the pic of the girl child knitting red socks!! How cute is that? Thanks for sharing....

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great haul, Kim! Congrats!

Tolentreasures said...

I do love to see what you have bought each week, my thrifting is living vicariously through you for awhile. The dominoes would be perfect for my grandson. I have been trying to teach him dominoes and it takes him so long to count all the dots. The colors would help so much that his little brother could even play with us! Great find. Love all those buttons also!

Michelle said...

I am in love with the dominoes. I think I need a jar of dominoes now...keep an eye out!