Monday, May 24, 2010

A Simple Recipe for Bars

Amish Bars, that is!

Pore over pics of lovely Amish quilts in the Amish Abstractions book from Joe Cunningham.

Take a few luscious colors of Moda Bella Solids

Channel some inspiration....

and put your own spin on it!

and walaaah! Amish Bars!

I should preface by saying that the Amish Abstractions book is not a pattern book, but with a little math, it can be pretty easy to convert the Amish quilts in the pics to actual quilts from your sewing room!

I've gained more inspiration from this book....

so more Amish quilts to come!

If there is interest, I would be happy to 'kit' up the Amish Bars quilt with the recipe I used. The quilt is a nice size for me....about 50 x 64...a nice size to hang on the wall! Because the piecing may be simple, but that's because it will be all about the quilting on this one!!



Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Looks good, Kim!! I have quite a few small Amish quilts ~ I love the simplicity of theirs ~ and yours!

Margaret said...

Oh oh oh! Interest! Interest! lol! I love taking the easy way out! I'm horrible at math. :D It's gorgeous! Just imagine all the hand quilting that can go into that baby!

Catherine said...

Love it!!

Loraine said...

Wow! Love this quilt. Your colors are gorgeous!
Sorry I've missed so many posts. I'm enjoying them this morning though. Thanks for the fun!