Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is A Title Really Necessary?

I hope not! Because I can't think of a good one for this blog post today! It was such a nice day for a change today!

Sunshine! Nice temps! Lilacs smelling lovely....I love combining daisies & lilacs...these have been perched at my kitchen sink for some time, but finally the sun came thru, which was very welcome!

Friday evening I cranked the iPod and got four more Farmers Wife quilt blocks pieced...

I have to say, looking back, it was kind of nice to pile these up because I just paid no mind to what fabrics came with each month. I just stacked them all together and worked from the entire pile. I think I have 7 more to piece and I'm caught up through May.

I paid them no mind today time was spent running a few errands and with my Bolga basket filled with Cascade 220.

I know...weird to be working with wool on a sunny spring day, but I didn't mind. I didn't even mind that I ripped out about ten rounds on my Giant Granny Square (GGS) and all but started over. It was going all wonky on me, and I knew that would never do. It would drive me crazy...and every time you come to visit, I would whip it out and say "Look! LOOK how WONKY this thing is!" and, well, I wouldn't want to subject you to THAT. So I started over....

and I'm glad I did! I went with a different method of reversing the thing every round, and it's working out straight now, which is a good thing!

I'm currently watching Seal on Soundstage. I love Saturday nights on PBS. I could do another round or four on the GGS, but I actually think I might pick up my needle and put some time in on CHS Fraktur One Sampler.

Hope you had a lovely Saturday!



Terri(TerriBoog) said...

The Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks are so pretty, Kim! I love the colors and can't wait to see it all put together - it's gonna be spectacular!!

The GGS rocks! Love the colors in it and I am sure the wonkiness would have driven a perfectionist like you absolutely batty. Glad you got it fixed and looking great 'cause really, I just want to look at all your beautiful things when I visit - not hear all about it! ;-)

The flowers are beautiful - my lilacs are all but done already but we did have a gorgeous day yesterday and looks like today it gonna be pretty as well!

Enjoy your Sunday and your week!

Margaret said...

Hmm, so you're saying it's an advantage to wait a while so one can pull colors from more choice of fabrics for the Farmer's Wife. Glad I have a justification for waiting a while to start. lol! Your blocks are so pretty1 maybe I should just copy yours....

Our lilacs are long gone -- I do love them though. And that granny square thing -- you're doing one big massive square??? Interesting! I'd just be happy doing many small squares. Have to learn how to crochet first though. Oops, did I just say that? Having enough trouble with two crafts! lol! (Is that normal cascade 220 or superwash?)

Catherine said...

What a colorful post between the flowers, the quilt blocks and your big square! Love it all!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Kim, I think you just gave Margaret an excuse for delaying the start of her FW blocks. Those colors you're using for the granny squares are gorgeous.
What do you have planned for Sunday?

Laurie in Iowa said...

Kim, I think you just gave Margaret an excuse for delaying the start of her FW blocks. Those colors you're using for the granny squares are gorgeous.
What do you have planned for Sunday?

Deb said...

Hey Kim, you're a much better woman than me. I'm still cutting out! LOL I thought that cutting all five months out and then sewing would be the way to go, but I'm hopelessly behind. I'm still trying to get all of them put together by the time the next month comes out! I know what you mean about the fabrics though - now we have more to work with do it gets more fun to just pull from the pile!

Love your granny squares. I don't think it's weird to work on those on a Spring day - they're small so they don't cover you while you're working on them. But boo on the wonkiness - glad that you got it worked out - that would drive me nuts too!

Jennifer said...

The quilt blocks are looking great!
Love the colors.

And the flowers cheered my morning!

Feathers in the Nest

Cari said...

Kim - Your quilt squares are somethin' else. I love them. And, your GGS is FABULOUS! I really like the bright colors. I always look forward to your posts!! Have a great week...Hugs

Melissa said...

All I can say is Happy Happy Colours! Everything just made me smile!

Loraine said...

Your Farmer's Wife quilt is wonderful! I'm getting there soon, I hope. I want to start Dear Jane this summer too, so I'm ready to have the kids done with school, so I can get on with it!
The flowers are wonderful, and I love the quilt too. Can't wait to see more.

K-G Knitter said...

I know what you're saying about PBS on a Saturday. I get my best stitching done during Dr. Who on Sat nights. :)

Your Farmer's blocks are looking great, and I love the colors in your Granny square.

woolwoman said...

what's not to love about a bogga bag full of cascade 200 !!!!!!! Glad you're back on track with the GGS - so cool! and the Farmers Wife - OOH LA LA - gorgeous! Mel