Friday, May 28, 2010

I Am Homebody....

hear me roar! Yes it's a homebody. This is not a bad thing! Although some people seem to think so.

I have much to keep me content.

Tonight I picked up the hook....

a little time with the GGS.

And this week some new books arrived...

I'm looking forward to spending a little down time looking through those!

My friend, blogless Kimm, and I compared our to-do lists for this long holiday weekend. We sure do love a long holiday weekend! We both have many things to occupy our time and we revel in being home! home home home!!

She will be painting, redoing a headboard, and she's certain to be knitting and also working on a lovely polka dot afghan! She loves the yarn, sticks and hooks! She needs a blog!

I have the following things to choose from:

1. Farmers Wife quilt blocks
2. GGS crochet
3. Second sock waiting to be knit
4. Sampler stitching
5. Six quilts waiting for the handwork on the binding.
6. One quilt waiting to have scalloped edges made and binding sewn.
7. One secret gift quilt waiting for the binding to be made, sewn on and handwork.
8. One blue and black Amish quilt waiting to be designed.
9. Mossy Mossy neckwarmer (ahem...notice it has changed from a scarf to a neckwarmer? yeah...shorter) to be knit.
10. General housekeeping.

The kids will be dropping by to grill out....I'll be making watermelon feta salad to appease Miss Amber...she who carries my first grandchild! Only 3 weeks until arrival!

There is also the plan to kind of catch some rays in the hopefully some things from my list up there can be done outside.

So I may not be traveling anywhere for this holiday weekend, but I sure have lots of fun things to keep me busy and family to keep me company!

I LOVE being a homebody.....

and Emmitt kinda likes it too!

How 'bout you?



Cari said...

Your weekend 'to do' list sounds a lot like mine. Always something to do with some sort of fiber and general housekeeping at the LAST spot! I just got some new sock yarn (like I needed it), hexagon paper pieces and lots of charm packs to make quilt blocks, tons of stash....and I mean tons of stitching stash, some fun wool applique projects, punchneedle......need I say more? Have a great holiday weekend!!! (love the GGS>)

Andrea said...

Me too Kim! I love staying home and have lots to keep myself busy!

Have a glorious weekend doing what you love :-)

Myra said...

I am homebody too Kim. I have lots I want to do this weekend but mostly just rest and enjoy being at home and not work!

Margaret said...

Oh yes, I'm a homebody as well! It's so nice to enjoy hanging around home. Have fun with all the activities and projects! 3 weeks, huh? Wow, that's really really soon!!! (I want that Primitive Gatherings book!!!)

Tolentreasures said...

My weekend matches your also! Have a great one!


Laurie in Iowa said...

Your weekend sounds perfect to me! Lots of activities and projects to choose from... no chance of boredom at your place.
I'm a homebody too... and wouldn't change things. I like it just the way it is... well perhaps the only thing I would change in my immediate surroundings is longing for a neighbor who doesn't think having four junked vehicles on the lawn attractive. :-)

mrae said...

I am a homebody to. I totally enjoy spending time at home knitting, spinning, weaving, crocheting, reading, sun bathing. I so so very much to do at home. I Love my Beautiful 100 year old home!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Oh, absolutely!! I'd rather have a stay-cation almost any day. As much as I love the coast, I don't want to leave home to go there... so my dream would be to retire there. Most likely won't happen, but if I win the lottery...oh, you have to buy the tickets? ;-) That treat sounds a lot more healthy than the coconut cake I 'had to have' when I was pregers. Enjoy!!

Sherry said...

I am being quite the homebody, for the most part, this weekend too. And it feels quite good to have down time. Love your list, save the last item, drat that necessary evil housework...have a great one!

Enjoy your family and good luck with the new grandbaby to be...

Dani - tkdchick said...

I love being a homebody too because sometimes... its more productive, unless I loose a chunk of the day to a nap! But then I love being with my stitching friends too for a weekend of fun!

mac said...

I'm glad I'm not the only homebody out there :-) I like it here.

It does look like Emmit enjoys the company !