Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Wow! I tell you what...I scored big time this past week at two fav' thrift stops!
Ready? Here we go!!

Is this not the coolest Zero fan!!? In excellent shape!!
The lovely paint works....and look what I paid for it!

I was SO excited about that little fan! The husband does not 'get it', but oh well...not necessary that he does! I LOVE it!!

Also found this past week:

Another for the orphaned salt/pepper shaker collection...

It's marked Italy and Handpainted. Cute! Fifty Cents!

Two more of the large oval Pyrex casseroles.....yes I know, I already have a red one, but I couldn't pass it up...

$1.50 each! Nice!

This next piece, if anyone knows anything about vintage glass and you know what the pattern is on this, I'd LOVE to know!

It's heavy...great was $2.99.....funky vase!!!

Then...more dominoes for the collection except THESE are the good ones! Not the cheap wooden ones...

And the FRUIT.....

I can't wait to dig in to that bag. What you might not be able to see are the LOVELY glass beaded leaves among all that glass beaded fruit!!! Such a great find I think! $1.99!

This cute little pair of plaques was $1.50

I have several fruit plaques...I plan to have them all hanging together in one big fruit-filled area in the kitchen!

And look.....another funky little chicken to match the other I found a while back!

This one is smaller and was a buck....and then I found three egg cups! Two white porcelain and the cute cute cute glass 'hen' one..marked France. They were .49 each!

Whew! I was soooo excited with my finds this week!
Did you get out and about and find any treasure?
I'd love to hear about your finds this week!



Margaret said...

Cool finds! My favorite is the fan. Love it!! And those fruits look so cool! Are the dominos made out of ivory or fake ivory? I think we just have the wood kind. :D An old set from sometime in the past.

Anonymous said...

Very nice finds! When I was a kid my dad and brother used to go all over the place hunting antique bottles, before things developed here in Southern California like where I have my house now, it was miles and miles of nothing and you would find old dumps and hunt for bottles, it was quite the in thing then. Anyway, I know he had a few pieces of glass like your vase that I think was called Thousand Eye Glass. I googled it and came up with a few pictures, go check it out! Fun! Gosh I wish I knew what happened to all that stuff, I think my black sheep brother swiped it all. LOL

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

The beaded fruit are really neat ~ they would have caught my eye, too!

Cari said...

Holy Smokes scored! My personal favorites are the fan and the domino's. I always look forward to your Thrifty Thursday finds!!

Loraine said...

Oh Wow! Love that fan too, and the wonderful fruit plaques and fruit. Too cool.
Love all the things you find, really. I do "get it"!
Love the sampler you starting too. A real showstopper piece. Can't wait to see the progress on it.
Have a great weedend!
I may pull out Farmers Wife and start working on it with you and Deb. How fast are you going? I can't do much until my kids get their rears in gear and finish their school work for the year! (Don't worry, I'm a good proder.)LOL

Cari-in-VA said...

I just love the fan and the color is great!

The dominos are a great find too! And those sweet little egg cups!
That vase is really interesting - I haven't seen one like it before. Though it reminds me of the milk glass hobnob.

I just saw those fruit plates at my friends yard sale last weekend. If I'd only known you had a collection, lol.

Have a great weekend, Kim!

Deb said...

You do find some great things Kim. I have no idea about that vase, but I love it. And your salt shaker - do you now that when I go out looking at my stores - I always look for an unusual shaker for you! LOL Don't tell your hubs!

Catherine said...

Love it all!! That fan is awesome - very "vintage" looking and the fact that it works, you scored!! Reminds me of one my grandmother had!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Hum...maybe it's a good thing he doesn't get it - your storage space would be more limited! Great finds this week - as usual.

Siobhan said...

What great finds!! Love those beaded fruit, and the dominos!

TamboinMO said...

We have several old fans and I love them all...the breeze, the sound of the whirring....ahhhhh....what a find!

The Quilt Ladies said...

Wow ! Way to go. I love the Fan and the price, Thanks for sharing.

Bronny said...

oooo I love the beaded fruit... I would have picked that up too. Lucky to find the fan - a lot of Op-shops don't sell electrical goods any more.
I've been Op-shopping this week on my holidays...and posting to my blog
Thanks for showing us your haul!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Oh, Kim! That quilt is looking gorgeous! I love it! You got some great finds at the GW store. I sent a fan, almost identical to that to GW not too long ago. I kept trying to lift it while it was running and about cut off my fingers. I'm a klutz! I couldn't stand to keep it if I couldn't use it and I could not use it safely! Watch your fingers.

Love the glass vase!