Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On a Clear Day.....

I would be able to see forever...without coughing! But...alas...the tree pollen is kicking my ARSE today! UGH!

I had planned to show you my progress on the 1814 Butterfly Collection, but blogger pics just doesn't want to cooperate this evening!

I'm probably going to be sorry I've left the bulk of the over-ones til the end....but I have one normal insect left and then 7 over-ones and metamorphasis will be complete!!

Hope you're having a great week, and if you're a seasonal allergy sufferer....please...share your secrets for getting rid of the nagging cough before I crack a rib!



Catherine said...

No coughing here, just major sinus pressure, sinus migraines and itchy, itchy eyes!! We had some rain today, so maybe that will help ease the pollen pain!

Have you tried eating honey? I did hear that it's supposed to coat the throat and ease a cough. Or how about you just throw the honey into an old fashioned Hot Toddy and call it a night!

Margaret said...

Good luck with all the little over ones. You can do it!! Can't wait to see it! Hope the coughing goes away. I don't get the cough -- just the itchy nose and itchy eye.

Cari said...

Sorry to hear (no pun intended) about your allergy cough. The pollen here in Florida has been off the charts too. Luckily I'm not affected...just have to vacuum and dust the stuff away. Can't wait to see your progress...probably your finish on the butterfly collection....I love the colors. Try to have a good week! Hugs

Laurie in Iowa said...

I'm like Margaret... itchy eyes, nose and some congestion. No cough. I think the honey would help you... it helps me when I have a cough due to a cold.
Now Kim... I told you not to leave all the over one until the end... don't ya just hate an "I told you so" person. lol :-)
Can't wait to see the 'fini' snap.

Nicole said...

Oh I feel your pain!! Our condo is backed up to the woods and it's just been terrible!! The pollen is so thick on our outside furniture. Hope you feel better soon!

mac said...

Try not to crack a rib!

I broke four of them and my sternum way back in '99. Let me assure you, it ain't pleasant. But, I did get pampered for a few weeks :-)

I don't suffer seasonal allergies. But it was during my recovery from the accident I mentioned that I discovered I have a very slight sneezing issue with soap! Normally, it's no biggie. But crack your breastbone and sneezing becomes a major thing.