Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Wow! I tell you what...I scored big time this past week at two fav' thrift stops!
Ready? Here we go!!

Is this not the coolest Zero fan!!? In excellent shape!!
The lovely paint works....and look what I paid for it!

I was SO excited about that little fan! The husband does not 'get it', but oh well...not necessary that he does! I LOVE it!!

Also found this past week:

Another for the orphaned salt/pepper shaker collection...

It's marked Italy and Handpainted. Cute! Fifty Cents!

Two more of the large oval Pyrex casseroles.....yes I know, I already have a red one, but I couldn't pass it up...

$1.50 each! Nice!

This next piece, if anyone knows anything about vintage glass and you know what the pattern is on this, I'd LOVE to know!

It's heavy...great was $2.99.....funky vase!!!

Then...more dominoes for the collection except THESE are the good ones! Not the cheap wooden ones...

And the FRUIT.....

I can't wait to dig in to that bag. What you might not be able to see are the LOVELY glass beaded leaves among all that glass beaded fruit!!! Such a great find I think! $1.99!

This cute little pair of plaques was $1.50

I have several fruit plaques...I plan to have them all hanging together in one big fruit-filled area in the kitchen!

And look.....another funky little chicken to match the other I found a while back!

This one is smaller and was a buck....and then I found three egg cups! Two white porcelain and the cute cute cute glass 'hen' one..marked France. They were .49 each!

Whew! I was soooo excited with my finds this week!
Did you get out and about and find any treasure?
I'd love to hear about your finds this week!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prep Work

Over the past few days I've been busy with lots of "prep work".

Quilts have been picked up from the longarm quilter, another I quilted on my Bernina...then attached binding to all of them. Prepped and ready for the hand work!

I also FINALLY pulled out my 32ct vintage Pearled Barley and cut it to size for the SDW sampler, AND got it sewn to scroll rods!

This will be my first time using this lap frame from Ks Creations. I thought since SDW is sooooo loooooong, I needed to try this frame. So that's prepped and ready!

These have also been piling up...

so templates have been printed...fabric has been unbundled....and I'm ready (finally!) to get started on this Block of the Month...

Yes it's true. Deb over at Thread Gatherer and I have been collecting the bundles from Primitive Gatherings since the beginning of the year, and we're getting started on this great super pieced quilt!!!

Lots of prep work and lots of projects in the works!!! What do you have prepped and ready?


Monday, April 26, 2010

Ice Cream Anyone?

The baby quilt is done! And I must say...I kinda like baby quilts. They go together need to send them to the longarm quilter....instant gratification!

I know I was calling this Polka Dot Puzzle....since it's made entirely of polka dot fabrics...

Even the cozy soft flannel on the back....

But doesn't it remind you of ice cream? Ice cream with marshmallows.....

and sprinkles...

Sprinkles of love!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quite the Bounty!

I know it's not Thursday...but I cannot help myself! Gotta show you what I found Friday evening after work!

It was $12.....and old.

Do you LOVE the color?! I do! It's a fruitful bounty of goodness! But even if the picture wasn't fabbo...LOOK at the FRAME...

Oh yeah. Ring that up and here's my $12!

I have a feeling as the rummage sale season progresses, I'll slip in another find or two on days other than Thursday! Hope you don't mind!

There's still time to enter the giveaway for those yummy Rural Jardin fabrics!
Just leave a comment on the giveaway post.

Check back tomorrow. I'll let you know who wins the fabric AND show you the completed baby quilt!

And now...I shall knit!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Time for another Thrifty Thursday!

Last Saturday I met three great friends downtown to stroll the shops, eat some lunch, and have some girl-time! Christy, Jen & Kimm are always so much fun to be around and we had a great time! When we disbanded early afternoon, Kimm quickly called me on my cell to see if I wanted to trek over to the east side of town for some thrifting before I headed home. SURE! Don't have to ask me twice! Off to the east side G'Willy's we went! And here's what I found!

Do you love these basketweave pieces?

This one was two bucks....marked Made in Japan...and has some age to it. I just love the bottom and decided even if the lid was missing, I would have picked it up!

We continued on thru the store and Kimm quickly spied a distant cousin!

Same Made in Japan mark....though the basketweave pattern is different, clearly these were made in the same vein!

Similar floral motif on the lid, though this one was much more detailed...and I think a bit older...

I LOVE the crazing...the slight color change from the age....and this one was three bucks!

Picked up a lovely piece of English china for fifty cents...

I can't pass up good English china with a fruit motif! Cup, plate, bowl..whatever, it's destined to come home with me. A of many.

And then I found a new little addition to my orphaned salt/pepper shakers! Isn't it sweet?

Mother of pearl inlaid in the silver tiny...and sweet...and mine for a buck. :o)

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday....the morning with good friends shopping, lunching and laughing....and the afternoon with blogless Kimm trolling our fav' thrift haunts! Perfect fodder for Thrifty Thursday!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

So far this Sunday....

I finished the 1814 Butterfly Collection sampler...

Made some salsa...
and ate a lot of it! Yummmm...cilantro, jalapeno...caliente!

Baked a pie...

Yeppers...Paula Deen's Chocolate Fudge Pie is in the house....

And cut and pieced the baby quilt...sans border...

My own pattern.....Polka Dot Puzzle.

Tomorrow I'll run to the quilt shop and pick out a border print....then it will be ready to quilt!

So far it's been a productive day! And now...I think I'll knit!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Seeing Spots

Did I mention I'm going to be a Grammy?? ;o) Of course I did. And just WHAT kind of quilty Grammy would I be if I showed up at the baby shower without a baby quilt!?!? And did I mention the baby shower is in 2 weeks?

Guess what I'll be doing at some point this weekend?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!!

Some awesome things this week...compliments of G'Willy's again! And all for $12 and some change!

Here we go....

Remember the ceramic cabbage I found a while back? Meet it's cousin...ceramic lettuce!

It doesn't have as nice of a shiny glaze on it as the cabbage...I think I might just take it to the paint-your-own-pottery studio and put an umber glaze over it and have them fire it. Or maybe not.

And I couldn't pass up these glass pedestals dishes...

So cute for just a couple of bucks! It looked like someone dropped off granny's glass very much glassware! I was good. Just these two.

And then I spied this for two bucks...

It was a no-brainer! #1 because I collect unique handmade boxes and #2...because it reminds me of this...

Hubby Jerry's dad made this table when Jerry was young. He says he remembers his dad working on this...cutting the wood...and piecing it together. I loved this table the second I laid eyes on it. Hmmmm....and it looks quilty too! Imagine that! But anyway...we just love the wood inlaid table...and the box is of the same style. Love it!

And, as noted last week....the little piece o'pottery I picked up to hold crochet hooks...I did go back to see if the companion mugs were still there...and they were...

and so now they're home with me. Along with the Oneida silver plate/tray, the little glass spice jar with stopper...and the two darling silver ladles! The ladles were taped to a glass divided dish...and the whole set was marked $2. When the gals were ringing up my purchases, I explained that I only was going to take the ladles...that they could keep the glass dish, charge me the two bucks, and then go ahead and resell the dish. Instead, they said "How about you pay 50 cents for the silver and we'll call it good" and I said SOLD!

So that's my haul for the past week. Now to put them all to good use! What's your favorite find this week?


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On a Clear Day.....

I would be able to see forever...without coughing! But...alas...the tree pollen is kicking my ARSE today! UGH!

I had planned to show you my progress on the 1814 Butterfly Collection, but blogger pics just doesn't want to cooperate this evening!

I'm probably going to be sorry I've left the bulk of the over-ones til the end....but I have one normal insect left and then 7 over-ones and metamorphasis will be complete!!

Hope you're having a great week, and if you're a seasonal allergy sufferer....please...share your secrets for getting rid of the nagging cough before I crack a rib!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Colors of Nature

It's been a leisurely Sunday...I've spent most of the day working on the 1814 Butterfly Collection sampler....

Blue Butterflies.....which we already established, are really out there!

Today was Day 2 of Spring Turkey season here in South Dakota. The hubs decided this year he would try his hand at turkey hunting.

He got his bird. A giant 26 pounder. He is so proud. I will spare you the pics of the poor old bird...and his turkey. LOL ;o) But let me say...this was a magnificent bird.

I had never seen a wild turkey up close before. The COLOR on this bird was just amazing. I had to snap some pics...

The irridescent feathers were just gorgeous...

These pics don't do the shimmer justice.

And there was a graphic nature to them as well with the black and white...

His head was the most wonderful teal/blue/purple color.

And that tied in to the blue/purple sheen that was in a lot of his feathers...

Gorgeous! Nature never disappoints with color inspiration!


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

It's that time of the week again! Time for a Thrifty Thursday post! One stop at a local G'Willy's was all I was able to swing this past week. Friday evening the hubs and I went out for dinner...and when we were finished I suggested a quick stop at G'Willy's. I spent $7....

Green Mexican Pottery Sugar & Creamer set....

Don't you LOVE the earthiness of Mexican pottery? I love it. Granted, I don't love ALL Mexican pottery...but there are several genres of it that I love and pick up every chance I get. The color on this set is so vivid! And nary a crack or chip on it! And these are larger pieces. The 'creamer' could be a small teapot! Two bucks per piece!

and then another 'earthy' pottery find!

Can you tell I grew up in the 70s? I love all things earthy, groovy and mod. And this I just loved! A will hold my crochet hooks! There were two mugs that coordinated with this and I left them there. But if they're still there when I stop back, I may have to grab them. They weren't matchy matchy, but clearly part of the set. So maybe next week you'll see the companion pieces!

Silverplated little coaster/dish things....

Marked "Italy"...I loved these. They were taped together...two of them...$2..which was probably $1 too much, but hey....what's a buck! And imagine my surprise when I untaped them...the outside surfaces were tarnished, but the surfaces that were against each other were bright and shiny, so these will clean up nicely!

So not a bad little haul for the cost of dessert! Did you make it out and about to search for treasure this week? Would love to hear what you found!