Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Love Paris in the Spring Time...and I Love Rural Jardin as well!

(Photo: Paris Tourist Office/Amelie Dupont)

Wouldn't it be wonderful to visit Paris in the spring time? Heck...I'd visit any time of the year for that matter! Scour the flea markets...find all sorts of goodies! Including vintage linens! Oooh La La!

That's just what Kaari Menge from The French General has done....and reproduced them for Moda! First was her wildly popular Rounneries line..and now...Rural Jardin!

So excited to check status of fabric orders and see that finally...at last...Rural Jardin prints are shipping!! As always, offering first dibs to blog readers! I only have 6 bundles available. $85.99 shipped in US. I do ship international for actual postage cost. 40 fat quarters. Just email me and a bundle will be yours! First come, first served! **EDIT: I now have 1 bundle available**

Aren't they gorgeous?

I can't wait to get these all mixed up with some other fabrics for a fresh spring/summer quilt! So lovely!

We're in for a glorious spring day and I welcome it with open arms! I'll just pretend I'm in France enjoying the weather....Vitamin D, oh how I've missed you!!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Slowing Things down

I've embarked on my next quilt.

It involves templates.....and curves....

The thing about templates is it slows down the cutting process. There's no whipping the rotary cutter through strips...nope...it's slow moving around curved templates. Eventually....

the cutting is done....

And the thing about curves is....they slow things down too! I find myself doing things I don't normally do when I'm whipping patchwork through the Bernina.

I'm finger creasing...

and matching creases....

and pinning....

and sewing.....


manipulating the curves....

and it's so worth it when you open up the sewing and you have curves!

Yes this new quilt will be slowing things down a bit. It won't be whipped out overnight, and I'm okay with that.

It's good to slow things down sometimes!

Another thing that will slow ME down today as far as sewing progress...a new book!

This is a feast for the eyes!!! I'll be spending lots of today with it!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Spring Cleaning & SALE!

I'm doing a little Saturday spring cleaning around the house today....I love getting the house 'in order', as much as that seems impossible sometimes! Today is such a day! And I'm actually ENJOYING the cleaning process too! What's up with that?

I'm also ready to do a little 'spring cleaning' of my ebay listings...and so today I'm having a blog reader special!

I've listed a few new things (market bags that are FABULOUS...some honey buns (1 1/2" strips)..etc) and I've reduced prices on them all!

But for my blog readers...if you shop with me on ebay *EDITED: Through March 31*, let me know you saw this on my blog...and you'll get an ADDITIONAL 20% off ALL "Buy It Now" items! But the sale is only good *EDITED: Through March 31*!

My items on eBay

So feel free to surf my listings and see if there's something that needs to come home to you! I love to ship internationally as well!

Off I go now to tackle the bathrooms...oh such fun on a Saturday morning!!! Hope yours is going well!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday & A Winner!

On my day off on Monday, a few hours was spent with the spouse....and we went thrifting.

I found a few things...

Was very excited to find another one of these!

A Nash's Coffee glass jar. You might remember I found one at an estate sale last summer...it was square...this one is round! and three bucks!

and another fabbo piece...I believe it's Japanese pottery...can't make out the mark.

but it's earthy and has a PEAR painted on it...so it's mine! It was a buck!

And then for another buck...

I suppose I didn't ever mention that I kind of collect chopsticks? Just unique ones! These fit the bill. They're now residing in a vase with the others I have!

Thanks so much for the entries for the cross stitch mug! Random Number Generator picked #23!

pam1228 said...

Love all your thrifty finds. What a great mug! Please enter me for a chance. Thanks. Pam A

Pam you're the winner!!! Please email me (kwiltykim@hotmail.com) and let me know where to mail it! Congrats!

Thanks for stopping by for another edition of Thrifty Thursday! Stay tuned for more thrifty giveaways!

Have you checked out YOUR Goodwill lately?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little This..Little That...

I feel like I've been floundering....flitting from one project to the next and not really making any progress on anything! This is what happens when I have UFOs...whether they be samplers or quilts....I freak out! LOL But I'm trying to calm myself down and get down to creative business!

The past couple evenings, I've put a little bit of time in on the 1814 Butterfly Collection.

Honestly..this is not complicated stitching, so I've decided to stay the course on this one and just get it done before I put any stitches in anything else. One less UFO will do my stitching soul a world of good!

And Lord knows I've been in no hurry to whip out these little beauties...

but I have been appliquing a couple here and there. This UFO really does not bother me!

I also have a couple pair of socks in progress....having short-row-heel anxiety. But I've been invited to join a knit group and I'm going on Thursday and hope that being around others that have been there/done that will give me some knitty heel confidence! Not sure why I've put up this block...I mean...I've already done heels...twice....so I just need to DO IT! And then I'll have sock progress to show you too!

I've also got a quilt on the cutting table...and Ellie Mae the Fat Cat reminds me every time I'm down there that rug hooking is waiting for me too. She has decided that my open basket of wool strips makes a most cozy napping spot. Guess I'll be hooking with kitty hair and wool!

So many creative endeavors may make me flitty...but I love flitting apparently! So hopefully I'll have many more progress pics to show as the weekend draws near!

Thanks so much for everyone's interest in this..

The drawing is coming up, but there's still time to let me know if you'd like your name included! Just go hear and leave a comment and you're in!
It's all boxed up and ready to ship out to it's new home! Winner announced on this week's Thrifty Thursday post!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments! I would love to hear if you have a 'flitting' problem when it comes to your hobbies and how you handle it all!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeding the Stash...Feeling the Love

Saturday was National Quilting Day.....so in the spirit of the holiday (ahem!) I ventured out and into a local quilt shop while I was out running errands on Saturday. Came home with a little something....

I was restrained...and good. :o) I LOVE the Antique Quilts magazine...aLOT! You'll be seeing some future projects coming from the pages....no doubt!

And I added to the repro stash...

Just a few! Did I mention I shopped in the back....where the sale stuff was? Yep...one yard cuts..for $5.00. Three please. ;o)

And I've stalked the sale room of this particular shop from time to time...and there has been a print that I have always been drawn to....with no idea why....but I caved in on Saturday and said what the heck....five yards please.... of this....

Yeah...I know. I have no idea. Must be the inner child of the 70s coming out....but I'm glad it's home now...on the shelf...waiting for inspiration!

Earlier in the week I was giddy with excitement to receive a gift from across the pond. I have a dear sweet pal, Julia...who lives in England. And we have conversed and she sends the most beautiful letters...like, real letters. She was so sweet to send me a couple things "English"...

Tea! and ENGLISH HOME magazine! Be still my heart....I have been all over that magazine....twice. LOVE it!! Thank you ever so much, Julia! Your kindness is much appreciated!! :o)

I also felt some bloggy love from Charlene

Thank you, Charlene! I'm honored!! The thing is...I'm supposed to come up with 7 things you may not know about me. This could be hard....I pretty much am an open book and blab about everything via this blog! But...hmmmm.....I'll give it a shot.

1. In high school, I participated in an FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) competition and I was deemed to the be 5th fastest typer in the State of Ohio. Wooohooo!! Impressed? LOL I think I was at 118 wpm or something.

2. I was on the swim team in junior high school....breast stroke. I have a letter...somewhere...I love the water.

3. I was born in San Diego, California....dude..that might explain some things...fer sure.....but moved to Ohio before I was a year old...so I'm a Buckeye at heart..with a little beachy hippie in my blood apparently.

4. I had a practice marriage....right out of high school...because I could and because parents didn't want me too. LOL Yeah....I was a good girl all through high school...but hand me the diploma..BAM..rebel I became! I came to my senses at the age of 25 and two kids later, and never regretted any of the decisions I made. It's made me who I am!

5. Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher. My two younger brothers were fabulous students in my pretend classroom. Yep..a teacher...even though my dad said I like to argue so much I should look in to a career in law! LOL But I wanted to be a teacher....or a Price is Right girl....I could pet a TV like no other!

6. I hate scary or violent movies. Even the trailers....can't watch them. At all. Period. EEEEEK!

7. I'm going to be a Grammy!! Son, Brennan and his gal Amber are going to have a baby...in June...a girl! Yep...there...I said it..I'm going to be a Grammy!!

Whew! Okay...I think I need a cup of tea...and some chocolate...and magazine....


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilts Quilts & More Quilts (PIC INTENSIVE)

More pics from the Dallas show....photos are clickable and maker's name is shown on the sheet attached to each quilt. Enjoy!