Monday, February 01, 2010

Sewing Room Favorites

Old pincushions, vintage darning eggs and colorful crochet hooks are but a few of my favorite things that surround me in the sewing room!

And this colorful little number is fast making it's way near the top of my favorite things in the sewing room list! You might remember that I treated myself to this fun and sunny yellow Oliso iron. It lifts itself up off the ironing board! Yes! It really does! Now...this took a little getting used to because I was always so used to setting the iron up on it's end.

But I'm a quick study and it didn't take long to just let it be! And steam...yes sirree has great steaming action! Whew! Lots of steam settings too!

It made fast work of pressing 40+ fat quarters for the next quilt project. These pesky creases...

Gone in an instant! It truly was nice to press the fat quarters! And it helps that the iron is lightweight too!

So far I have nothing but good to say about the Oliso iron! Trust me...I've shelled out the buckaroos for Rowentas that died early in their life....and have had $10 irons that never seem to die. While this one wasn't cheap, I think it was worth it!

If you're in the market for a new iron, I can do a special order of the sunny yellow Olisos! Feel free to use the "Email" button above and let me know if you have interest! Special blog pricing, INCLUDING shipping in the USA----$139.

Now...the fabric! I know you're's Odyssea from MoMo for Moda. My daughter has reminded me that she hasn't had a quilt since her graduation quilt...that would be 8 years ago or so. She chose this bright funky fabric line and a super simple pattern---Yellow Brick Road. I'm excited to see how a queen size YBR turns out with these fun fabrics!

Hope your Monday was swell!



Paulette said...

LOVE those fabrics, and LOVE that iron!! I wish I was in the market for one, simply bc I LOVE that yellow!!! I'm on a yellow kick!!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Those fabrics are so fun! I love them! Not in the market for an iron - I do as little of that as is humanly possible but, that little guy sure is cute.

Margaret said...

Love the pincushion! Love the iron! Love the fabrics! I wish I were in the market for both the fabrics and the iron. Sigh..... So cool!!!

Cari said...

So do you like your new iron??? (lol)

Love all your new fabrics and your vintage pincushion is so pretty. I have a glass jar full of colorful crochet hooks as well - though I haven't used them in quite sometime.

I pulling for Spring to arrive, and soon!

Enjoy your week.

Catherine said...

The fabrics are fabulous! Can't wait to see how the quilt turns out!

The iron seems wonderful - but I can't get one right now.

Anonymous said...

I love your darning eggs, especially the black one. I have not seen a flat top one before. Nice idea.

My dad made me mine, and I love using it. Do you use yours?