Friday, February 05, 2010

Sampler Stash & Spoiled Toes

What a nice ending to an otherwise gray, cold, dreary and snowy week! New stash!!!

I added to the sampler stash via The Scarlet Letter . *SIGH* Did I NEED sampler stash? No...that's a ridiculous notion! But I couldn't resist! I absolutely adore Lucretia Maus! How fun and colorful! I need color....because did mention it's gray, cold, dreary and snowy up here? Tis depletes the energy, so working up this sampler will add some welcome color!

And then.


A fellow quilter and Facebook friend (do you Facebook? It's a great way to meet wonderful people--but I digress), Judy Laquidara mentioned the other evening that she was anxiously awaiting a website update over at The Loopy Ewe . Seems they were getting ready to add yummy sock yarn inventory. And this is a BIG DEAL to sock knitters. They Judy noted, constantly pressing F5 to refresh the screen...waiting and waiting for new yummy sock yarn to magically appear on the screen.

Soooooooo...what's an up and coming sock-knitter to do? Well check it out of course! So as I had mentioned in an earlier post, I added to the sock yarn stash. It arrived this week too!

Enjoy the yummy-ness!

Eye candy!

And you should FEEL it!!! Almost every skein has 10% cashmere....

I will definitely have some spoiled toes!! But hey...did I mention it's gray, cold, dreary and snowy up here? If my toes have to put up with this weather...the least they can do is be wrapped in hand knitted partial cashmere goodness! Don't you agree?

I think I'll start with this one!! It's "Envy" from Fiberphile!

COLOR! GREEN! Like the GRASS that may someday show up again around here! So until the dirty snow melts and spring appears...I will have to fill my life with color of the creative kind!



Cari said...

Wow Kim, what wonderful new stuff! Love all of your SL patterns - they are wonderful! Oh, and all that fabulous yarn, it looks so soft. Can't wait to see what you do with it - how's the re-do of the red scarf coming along?

Enjoy your weekend.

Judy Laquidara said...

Love those colors, especially the green!

Anonymous said...

Cashmere on toes??? I am SO IN for that!!! That sounds delicious!! Are you going to be sending any of those myyyyy way here in Texas?! LOL! Love the blog Kim!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What great new stash! Love all your charts and what's not to love about a chart with the name Lucretia in it? Your yarn choices are gorgeous! Love the green and just what we need in these blah, gray days of winter. All the pretty yarns almost make me want to learn to knit. Almost.

Karen said...

Your new samplers are great....can't have too many. Your yarn looks scrumptious...especially the green!

Margaret said...

Ack!!! This was not necessary!! You should have put a warning in the title -- warning, enabling ahead! lol! You know I'm on an A&E kick right now -- oh those charts!!! And that yarn! OMG!! The colors! Who needs to knit with them? Just sit and touch and drool over their prettiness sitting all together in a pile! Sigh..... Congrats on the great stash! I agree -- this time of year, we all need some color!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Ahhh... those are lovely colors in the L Maus sampler... but did you have to post the two A&E's? What torture for those of us who are obsessed with A&E's.

Those sock yarns are luscious!

Deb said...

You got some fantastic stash. That Scarlett Letter site is a killer. I'm going to have to check out Lucretia Maus (may just have to come to my stash pile - LOL). I swear no matter how many times I go through that site I end of missing something and also finding someting! That place is a money grabber for sure.

And all that wonderful yarn! Such beautiful colors. Definitely cheery for these nasty drab days! Looks like you've got enough yarn to last years!!! :o)

Paulette said...

I mean it, you have GOT to get back down here and teach me to knit!!! I want to learn to knit socks!!! Oh come on! LOL LOVE the yarns!!!!


Catherine said...

Love the new stash! I must say it is a "need" for many of us!

Those yarns - yummy! I sure could use good pair of warm socks today in my neck of the woods!

Enjoy your weekend!

Melissa said...

Oh I can sense stash giddy-ness! I had that yesterday. Love the Scarlet Letter ones and 2 A&E at that!

The yarns are yummy. I love yarns and if I really knit, I would be in trouble!

Have fun, Kim. Enjoy your weekend, with your "box of crayons".

KathieB said...

You are pulled in many directions, just like I am! I've done several Scarlet Letter samplers over the years. Love...