Sunday, February 07, 2010

Got My Work Cut Out For Me

The next quilt is cut out and waiting for me.

Nothing fancy. A queen size Yellow Brick Road using Odyssea by MoMo fabrics. All at the request of the dear daughter. So...for her....I will struggle thru the mundane and get this top put together!

But not today. Today I shall knit and stitch. After I cook. I is the Super Bowl....but for me...this's just about the food. As far as I'm concerned, football season ended with the Cowboys loss a few weeks ago. :o( *SIGH* it can be all about the food and the needle time!

I've got the El Chico Relish marinating in the frig....crockpot meatballs are on the ready...will also be once again making Pioneer Woman's bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos...hubs wants to try his hand at potato skins...we'll have queso...and who knows what else.

And for dessert.

Birthday cake.

It's Jake's 16th Birthday today!!

I love this pic of him. It's true to his personality. He's singing....with abandon. I love it! A very fun kid indeed!

And so for today...I definitely have my work cut out for me!



Deb said...

Isn't it funny how one picture out of many can truly capture the personality of a child! I just love it. He looks like he's a lot of fun!! (must make a comment on the quilt behind him - love, love it).

Can I come to your house today for Super Bowl? You're making my mouth water with all that wonderful food. I'll bring my 16 year old son with me - I think they'd get along great!!

Not into the football thing either really, but if the boys sit, I sit too! Sounds only fair, don't you think??

Margaret said...

Happy birthday to Jake! My son's 16th is a little over a month from now. I guess we can make a threesome of 16 year old boys! lol! Deb's right about that quilt behind Jake too. :D The fabrics for your DD's quilt look pretty too -- looking forward to seeing it all made up! The food sounds great for the bowl tonight. My son asked why we never do anything for the Super Bowl. I had to tell him we're just not football fans. He's going to a friend's house for the game tonight instead. lol! It'll be his first Superbowl experience. Poor deprived child!

Catherine said...

Sounds like some good eatin' at your house today! And b-day cake to boot! Happy Birthday to your son - love the pic - does he know you put that up for all to see?

Melissa said...

Awww, that's a great picture of your boy! I can tell it will be a fun celebration at your house today!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Happy Birthday to Jake!

Your superbowl food sounds yummy. We're going out - wish we weren't - I'd rather be home stitching!

Love the fabrics for your DD's quilt - I know she'll love it!!!

Have a Super Sunday!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Enjoy your yummy Super Bowl Sunday food and the stitching!

Paulette said...

Happy Birthday, Jakester!!! Sing away, my man. Sing away.


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to Jake! And those fabrics are fabulous - what fun they will be in a quilt. Your menu sounds yummy, save me some!

woolwoman said...

Hope you had a fun day yesterday with b-day boy and bowl goodies - I missed your previous post with sock luciousness from Loopy Ewe - LOVE them dont' you! great shop but I just refuse to do the stalking for sock yarn. Surely I don't need it "that" bad but your choices are wonderful - can't wait to see the fruits of your labor - Mel

TamboinMO said...

The fabrics look divine! Can't wait to see this one come together. I made your chocolate krinkle cookies's love!