Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thrrrrrrrift Thurrrrrrrrsday

BRRRRRRRRR! It's cold outside today! Getting colder by the minute! Good thing I did my thrifting earlier in the week!

Just a few treasures today. I have this 'thing' for Japanese porcelain and pottery. Have I ever shared that with you? It's true. Something so exotic and colorful about Japanese porcelain, and I found quite a few pieces this week! Someone else must have had a 'thing' for it, and then cleaned out, as I found them all in the same G'Willy!

Aren't these lovely cups? I love that the design is made up of people....wall to wall people! Very colorful!! .75 each!

And then there were these poor lidless sugar bowls...

I searched and searched the store for their stray lids, as they do get separated sometimes, no avail. I brought them home anyway. Again... .75 each!

And then....oh be still my heart...acorns!

I do love me some acorns. And this piece is so colorful! Again..marked Made in Japan, but I don't believe it is old in any way. the pattern appears applied.

Do you know what this pattern might be? I think I need more of this! I have searched and searched and cannot find it online! If you know, PLEASE tell me! ;o)

Last night I pulled out Sarah Brignell...gotta keep that creative mojo going, ya know!

I got the leaf filled in. These motifs seem giant to me...and these aren't even the BIG ones! LOL But so far I'm loving it!

Have a great day! Stay warm!



Loraine said...

Baby it's cold outside everywhere! Love the thrifty finds, especially those teacups. So pretty.
Love the sampler too! Yes, we must keep those creative juices flowing.
Take Care!

Cari said...

I'm w/Loraine - the cold seems to be everywhere.

Those little tea cups are beautiful - the colors are amazing.

No idea about the acorn - maybe you can send the picture to and they can tell you.

Sarah is going to be so pretty and I have a feeling as I watch your progress that I am going to cave and have to buy her too.

Enjoy your day.

Deb said...

It's cold here too Kim and we're finally going to get some measurable snow tonight!

Just love your finds as usual, especially that bowl with all the people! And love the sampler too. Another one I'm going to have to add to the someday list!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lovely finds. I have a creamer that belonged to my grandmother with the 1000 faces design on it. It's a treasure to me, as I did not know my grandmother. We are freezing here in Florida too! We usually have two or three days of cold and then it warms up, but not this year. No forecast of change until next week :-(


Margaret said...

Oh wow! I love those bowls in the first pic! Beautiful! The lidless sugar bowls are nice too! Love your Sarah as well. I may be in trouble with that one! lol! Stay warm! (Brrrrr!)

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Geesh, it's cold here too but we've not gotten much snow to speak of.

Pretty gw finds but I have no idea about the acorn pattern.

Sarah is going to be gorgeous!

Catherine said...

Love those pieces from Japan!

Your stitching is looking good - can't wait to watch you and Paulette progress on these.

Deb said...

Great treasures you've found. The Xstitch looks great. Glad you're fingers aren't too frozen to stitch!

Anonymous said...

You always find such neat stuff. Try this website, I've found stuff on it before:

Littlebit said...

Oh, Kim. I LOVE your Japanese cups and those sugar bowls!!!! BEAUTIFUL! Brrrr..our temp tomorrow night is supposed to reach -14. Yesterday we were officially colder than Antarctica. They were 20 degrees. LoL! That seems so WARM after being in this deep freeze for weeks. MM

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your lovely finds sent me to the GW on my way from work on Friday, but all I came away with were a few frames -- well pictures actually, but the frames are the pieces I was going for! Stay warm...