Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thrifty Thursday---finally!

YAY! I'm back!!! First off let me apologize to blogger.....inability to load pics...not their problem! I've had a wacko laptop for about a week...driving me crazy with the lag time and nothing wanting to load! checking wireless cards etc. was the router dying a slow, painful death. I went all Kervorkian on it, and just put it out of its misery and got a new one. And HERE we are! Pics and all! :o)

$5.30 was spent on Monday.....and here's what my kitchen table looked like Monday evening!

Okay--the fabric was not found at the thrift store. It was a Hancock's order of sale Kaffes and some non-sale Kaffes, but they just happened to arrive on Monday and so they made it in to the pic! More on those in another post! On to the thrifty finds!

So five bucks and that jar. I plan to put my Scrabble tiles in there! I've been looking for a plain jane clear lidded jar. This one will work for now..and for a buck!

Then I picked up three of these nice little plates...

to add to my collection of blue and white plates I've been saving up! The plan is to have an entire section of wall adorned with blue and white plates of all sizes! These are lovely...crazed...from Japan. Fifty cents each. I left the dinner plates and the saucers at the GW....just brought home these three. See---I was good---showed restraint.

I couldn't pass up this cut glass pedestal bowl. Again for a buck!

It's in excellent chips or anything! Heavy and just lovely! And..those cherry stems...super shiny..and RED...and a buck-fifty for the bundle. And there's my five bucks and change in one outing!

Now...the hubs decided he would go out on his own. And this can only mean trouble. He thinks he's being so funny....that hubs of mine. This scary thing suddenly showed up...

Oh yes...he says HE is now going to add to HIS bunny collection...

Is this not the ugliest thing? The thing is kinda scary! Looks all whacked out...cracked egg and all! And it keeps showing up in strange places around the house! Jake was scared by it when it suddenly appeared in the bathroom..where one would see it only once they sat down to --ahem-- to do their business. Ah yes...the game is on now. I don't, however, really want a house full of ugly demented bunnies! What to do..what to do!

Suggestions, anyone?



Cari said...

Love your crystal bowl - very pretty.

The ugly bunny - what can you do? Does anyone have a birthday soon - you can wrap it up and sign your hubby's name to it.

Not very clever solution but it's all I can come up with this evening. Can't wait to see what others suggest.

Deb said...

Great finds as usual Kim!!! Now as far as the bunny problem - I'll get back to you once I can stop laughing!!!! Your hubs sounds like quite a ham! And yes, that is one ugly bunny!

Tanya said...

Ok - that bunny is deranged looking! LOL

Love blue and white plates :)


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your GW finds are great. Your husbands, not so much. That ugly bunny reminds me of a commercial (can't remember the product) where a family gets a really ugly clown for a gift (oh yeah, I think it's a US postal service commercial), and it scares the whole family. Have you seen it. Looks like it may be the bunnies cousin!

Paulette said...

I would seatbelt that bunny into the passenger seat of his car with a note that says, "You can both hit the road, Jack(rabbit)."

Jk to your hubby!


Margaret said...

Oooh, love the Kaffes!! And your thrifty finds too -- those plates are delectable! As for that bunny -- bleagh! What a silly man! lol!

Catherine said...

Your finds are always so good! How do you do that?

I am still laughing about the bunny and the fact that he is moving about the house!

Trixie said...

I love your blog and am continually amazed at the great stuff you find at the thrift stores, but the bunny ... ? I would say you need to find an equally psycho looking Elmer Fudd and place him strategically behind the bunny somewhere. Or maybe a cute little scene next to your hubbies head while he's sleeping. :o)

Have fun!

Stitcher said...

I love to see what you buy.

Kathie said...

love the blue plate, just beautiful.
how you left the other ones behind I don't know!!!!!
ok the bunny , yes he is ugly but always remember there is paint! paint the bunny all white, black, whatever!!!!

Cari said...

That bunny is creeping me out.... LOL. Quite an odd one isn't it?? Have a great weekend!!

Littlebit said...

Ooo, I can see your wall of blue and white plates in my head!

That looks like a Wexford cut glass bowl. Pretty, especially with the red berries. I LOVE BERRIES!

Ugly bunny--cracking up over that one!! Boy does he take the ugly cake! LOLLLLLLLLLLL MM

Melissa said...

That bunny cracks me up! Have you seen that post office commercial where the people need to get the Christmas present out of the house because it's so creepy. LOL

Great thrifting, you have the best thrift shops up your way. My local thrift stores are under they delusion they are Macys. Srsly.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Girl, I have tears running down my face! Hide it in HIS space so it will surprise (scare) him when he runs into it.

Restraint - what's this?