Saturday, January 02, 2010

Kickin' Off the New Year!

There's just something about a brand new year! Hanging that new calendar on the wall, turning to much promise in a new year! I love it! I gather a couple January magazine issues every year....O always has such inspirational articles for change! I've been reading it at my leisure this weekend. Because as the cover suggests, it just might show me "How to Get What You REALLY Want This Year" I'm open to that!

I also picked up this organizational issue of BH&G, at the suggestion of my friend, Kimm.

She suggested it, not (I don't think) because she feels like I need to get organized (though I'm going to read those articles and take something from them I'm sure!) suggested it because she thought I might find this article interesting....

or I should say this picture! LOOK!!!! I am NOT alone!! Do you SEE what's on top of the bookcases!!!?!??

Globes! Lots and lots of GLOBES!!! My globe-quest will continue in to this new year for certain now! Aren't they lovely!! Now if only I had some bookcases! LOL Yeah....bookcases! There's a plan for the new year! Take up woodworking. HA! KIDDING! Another hobby I do not yearn for at this stage! I have plenty!

I'm kickin' off the new year with fresh starts on my hobbies! This is nothing new. I do this every year. It's a great excuse to start something NEW, whether there's other projects (ahem...Ann Raynor) languishing or not.

This year, Paulette and I decided that Sarah Brignell from The Scarlet Letter would be our New Year's start!

As you may have read on her blog

I was, indeed, dying my linen shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve! See, I had a lovely chunk of 35 count Elegant Bean...and while was just too clean...too ivory for my taste and the DMC floss that the chart calls for. the sink it went with a small portion of a pack of tan RIT dye. It turned out so-so....took that clean edge I went with it. Paulette decided to pull her own lovely, soft conversion for her sampler. I, on the other hand, have decided to stick with the bold, somewhat garish, palette of DMC as charted. Doesn't everyone need a somewhat garish sampler on their wall? Here's my progress...

On the quilting front.....I could not decide which quilt to start!! AAAACK! SO many! Of course this just means the choices are endless for this year of quilting, but I had to choose one for my New Year's start!

I LOVED the Tag Sale quilt in Carrie Nelson's (aka Miss Rosie's Quilt Company) book, and pulled a lovely bundle of Regency III from Judie Rothermel cuts from my stash shelf.

It's stacked on my cutting table! It's going to be lovely! But that's not my start. This is!

I have had 1/2 yard cuts of the Indigo Pewter & Honey line of fabrics on the shelf for a while...just waiting for the right time..the right quilt. And New Year's was the right time! And the block in the pattern Nutmeg Stars was the right block!!

I've got a nice start to it! Just 14 more blocks to go, but they go pretty quickly because you cut two at a time...the positive and the negative! I don't know that I will set them as the pattern shows. I'm thinking, instead, of sashing them and then the border. And I may make more than 16 blocks because I'm not always a fan of square quilts. We'll see how it goes! Once the blocks are done, I'll see if they tell me to set them like the pattern, or sash and border them.

On the knitting front....tonight I'm casting on for a new scarf....a luscious soft one....out of this.

Ooooh yum! Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino...RED! Perfect! I pulled out my stitch pattern book and have decided to do a classic scarf...pattern will be the double moss stitch! I'm so excited that I can actually read stitch patterns now! This from a gal who taught herself how to knit dishcloths with the help of the StitchWitch on youtube! So there will be progress pics of the scarf in the next post!

I didn't start a new rug.....I've barely started my first one, as you may recall! But I have a nice little rughooking station set up in the studio now so I can steal a few moments here an there hooking a loop or two!

I've decided no deadlines....and no guilt when it comes to hobby progress this year! I'm going to remind myself it's about the process! And if I want to start four new samplers, I'm giving myself permission! Of course they may not get completed until Twenty Thirteen, but that's okay! If there's enjoyment in it....I'm all for it!!

Yep...I'm kickin' off the new year and looking forward to lots of creating! I hope you are too! I'd love to hear about your new year's start or startS! It's always nice to hear what others are doing and to know I'm not alone on this creative journey!!



Cari said...

Kim, what wonderful new projects for 2010!

I just love the magazine article and what a great way to display your growing globe collection.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many awesome projects!! Good luck with achieving them all!! The cross stitch looks great... I too would have gone with the bolder colours! I'm going to start a new cross stitch (and turn a blind eye to the 5 or 6 I have already started!) shortly... but I know I'll have to be diligent as I only have less than 6 months to finish it!! PRESSURE! ;)

Nic said...

What great projects you've started!

Cari said...

Happy New Year Kim!! You're off to a wonderful start and I look forward to watching your projects grow!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs

ps Love, love, love the globes..... Yea!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What great new starts, Kim! I love the SL sampler and think the bold colors will be fun! The quilt you started is gorgeous - love the rich colors and can't wait to see it all finished. I'm so envious of all of you that can find time to quilt and stitch (Deb does a ton of both too, don't know how either of you do it!).
I am starting Marriage of the Minds for mine and Rob's 20th anniversary in November. It's got 4 major pages so I'm hoping to get at least one page accomplished every two months which should give me time for framing. We'll see how it goes.

Laurie in Iowa said...

You have wonderful new projects for 2010. I'm really liking the Nutmeg Stars block. Looking forward to seeing what you decide for the setting.
It's going to be fun to see and compare the two Sarah samplers. I love the Belle Soie that Paulette had chosen... but I'm also anxious to see your garish DMC colors.
Enjoy the process!

Catherine said... will be fun to watch the progress that you and Paulette make on your samplers! How fun that you kept the original "garish" colors and she softened them.

I am head over heels in love the the colors for your new quilt!! Can't wait to see that too.

And that scarf - something so soft and warm would be handy for me about now! We have had brutal cold and winds for over 24 hours now - how long until spring?

Margaret said...

You're so right, Kim -- it's all about enjoyment. Yay! I love those globes in the mag -- you're not alone at all on that collection! Pretty cool stuff! Your quilt projects are gorgeous, of course. That star pattern is just soooo cool!! And the colors for the other one -- yummy! I love Sarah Brignell too! It'll be fun to see both color palettes going. And so what are the 4 stitching projects you want to start? I have quite a list as well, which is overwhelming. lol! I so wish I had a stitching room like you do. I need to make an addition to the house -- or steal my daughter's room. :D

Paulette said...

Oooooh, fantastic post (as usual)! LOL about the globes - I knew you weren't crazy!! What a fabulous idea! Didn't your dh build you a sewing table? I'd say he should start looking for bookshelf patterns, don't you think? ;) Your Sarah looks WONDERFUL, and now I'm thinking those DMC's don't look garish at all - they look perfect!! Love the bold color!!


Paulette said...

Oh gosh, I forgot to post about the quilts! Oh my, oh my... I'm sooo envious. Your fabrics are SPECTACULAR!!! That nutmeg stars one has me crushing. Ohhh!


Dianne said...

I love that there are more of us out there...people who have way too many hobbies and not enough time!!!!

Karen said...

Can't believe all of the projects you have going on....very creative lady!

Deb said...

Kim you are such a source of inspiration with all your stitching and quilting. I've been out of quilting so long that I don't even know what's out there as far as patterns any more, but then you show something and I start drooling. I did manage to get into the workroom to organize my stuff and all my quilting material is out and ready to go through.

And I think that Sarah in those brighter colors is going to look wonderful. It's nice to see something bright once in a while - samplers tend to use a more dull color palette, and given what projects I see you to (like that wonderful scarf), I'm sure you're going to love it.

Love that picture of the globes. I saw it too when my copy arrived and I thought of you. Did you show that picture to DH so that he knows that you're not the only person in the world collecting globes?

And while I'm running at the mouth here, I have to say that I'm coveting your new quilt start!!! AWKKKK!

Bradie Sparrow said...

Kim, You are an inspiration! There is always something new and beautiful going on here in your blog. I love stopping by to see your latest project.

I am quite in love with those nutmeg blocks, the colors you chose really complement the pattern.
Happy New Year!!

Glenna said...

I hear you on all of it! I have that baby cashmerino, only in blue. I was going to knit a blankie for my boss' baby, but I dithered until I wound up buying a gift, so now I have the yarn, and I've been thinking about a ruffled edge scarf. I've got multiple new samplers kitted up, and I'm salivating over your quilt projects. I saw some globes in an antique store the other day and thought of you. How hiliarious that they're featured in that magazine (which I bought also). Hee! Happy stitchy/quilty/knitty!

Loraine said...

Love the new projects! Perfect indeed.