Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Before I Forget

Did I tell you that I was invited to participate in a quilting 'round robin'? Well I was...with five other quilters. In November, we exchanged our center...the start of our quilt. There were gorgeous applique blocks and wonderful pieced blocks exchanged. I decided to go a different route...and this is what I decided to use for the center of my quilt.

It's just a little batik square....graphic...sun....colorful.....I can't wait to see how it turns out in the end! Exciting stuff! But....oh yeah.....this means that *I* have a center block that I am supposed to be working on! EEEEK! We meet again in a couple of weeks to exchange again. Before I forget, I better get busy on that! That's on the list for the weekend. I would love to show pics, BUT...I'm not sure how many of those quilters participating are blog's all such a closely guarded secret, I'll just have to post all about all of the quilts when we're done!

Some of you have asked how my rughooking journey is going....

Oops! I haven't hooked a loop since last post about rughooking! *SIGH! Not good! But...I've got a nice little station set up downstairs now, so hopefully I can steal a few minutes here and there to hook. I'll be sure and show progress pics! I actually just ordered some creme brulee and parchment hand dyed wools to mix up and use as the background for this rug. So I'll be gettin' busy soon! :o)

Before I forget...I want to thank all of you that entered my little giveaway! Lucky numbers were 3 (Myra in North Carolina) and 7 (Dianne in Richmond, TX)! Ladies....please email me with your addresses and I'll get your little package of goodies boxed up and shipped out!

We're in for another bout of horrid winter weather. We got another 6" of snow today, and now...the temps are falling...faalllllling....faaaaaalllllling. We're not going to see zero for a few days. Add the wind to that, and, well, they're talking ridiculous numbers like -34.....brrrrrrr!!! MAYBE I'll get another 'snow/cold' day from the office! Wouldn't THAT be nice!? Yes...yes it would!!!

Hope you're keeping warm where you are! I'm going to work on Sarah Brignell this evening...maybe with a cup of cocoa!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!



Miss Jean said...

I like the way you are doing your round robin by meeting to swap again. Our little group did one and it got to be a nightmare to try to figure out who had it, where it was, was it going to be done in time. Next time (if we ever do it again) I'll suggest what you did.

Littlebit said...

Hey KK! I have been so busy have not had any time to catch up with my favs. What a pretty block that is! I can't wait to see the final project. Stay warm..we had that -35chill this week, already. The wind is howling right now, and we are deep in snow. MM

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! Love the big sun and the colors are wonderful. I want to learn rug hooking too but just don't have the time or energy right now. Deb may change my mind when I see what she does - she's going to take a class, I think.

Stay warm; it's cold here too!

Cari said...

Congrats to Dianne and Myra!

I laughed when I read your post. I live in VA and they are predicting only 2-3" of snow this evening and if it comes, we will have Friday off. I hope we both get our wish and have a 3-day weekend.

Deb said...

I've never heard of a quilting round robin, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I love that block - so colorful.
I've been so anxious to see more of your rug hooking. I'm going to try to take a class next month and I can hardly wait. I came across a big box of wool I completely forgot I had, so even though I said I was going to stick with stash this year, it looks like I can accomplish that goal pretty easily!!!

And stay warm! Hopefully you'll get a snow day and can spend it nice and warm and crafty!

Margaret said...

Fun! Our little quilt group did a few round robins, two with the add a border method. They've all turned out really neat. Of course, I'm still waiting for my last one from the last person. Small details! lol!
Love the batik square you chose for yours. Nice that you can set up a station for your rug hooking too. I need to get back to trying that out -- I'd love to be a rug hooker! As for your temps -- sorry, that's just unseemly coldness. I'm shivering at the 20s and teens. That's cold enough for me! Hope you get a day off work!

Catherine said...

Your quilt will be awesome!

Congrats to the winners - what fun things you will get!

Stay warm and safe! When the * is spring coming - I'm ready!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Sooo happy to see your rug hooking efforts!! Hellooooo!! Just a little each day! And I, too, love that quilt block!!

Katrina said...

Hope you get another snow day to stay home and play :-).