Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ! & a winner!

You don't know how happy I am to be posting this Thrifty Thursday post! Because that means that it's THURSDAY! WOOOHOO! The work week is almost done!

An outing on Sunday afternoon and then a quick stop off this evening netted these great finds for the week!

I pick these carved wooden boxes up every time I see them. The others I have are this is my first square one!! Seventy-nine cents!!

And this sweet little blue & white creamer....

I need to clean off the bottom to make out the mark, but it's lovely....and was just seventy five cents!

Scored some linen!

A roll of 26 ct...which I thought would be useful when I decide to tackle an over one project! Then a roll of 28...another 32 ct and then a 36 ct! Each was just $1.50!! A stitcher can never have too much back up linen for smaller projects!

It's all sitting in this!

Wonderful woven basket from World Market. This was $5.99....but large and nice and will be put to immediate use holding knitting projects by my chair!

Oh but wait! There's more.....with a story!

You may remember me saying that my hubs has decided that he actually likes going thrifting with me. And you may also remember me saying that he has begun to interject snarky comments when I pick up something that I'm thinking of purchasing. You may remember that he doesn't understand the concept of COLLECTING things!!

On more than one occasion, he has picked up some hideous item and when I give him a query-look....he feigns a hurt feeling (he may only have one....feeling...some days)...he feigns a hurt feeling and says "Uh! But I COLLECT these!". time he decided that each and every time he saw a matter if cute..cuddly...ugly...broken...or not.....every time he now sees a bunny...he acts all excited and says "It's another one...for my COLLECTION". Keep in mind...he doesn't REALLY collect bunnies....snarky guy! Now..on many an buddy Kimm would point out bunnies and threaten to start actually purchasing them and starting my dear old hubs out with his bunny collection...just to freak him out a bit.

Well....I did just that!!!

We're out together Sunday afternoon.....and I spy this guy...

He's actually a very nice bunny....English-looking...debonaire....very colorful and I really was attracted to the piece! $3.00. the cart it went. Hubs was a couple aisles over...but he must have spied me putting him in the cart. The LOOK on his FACE was priceless! It was a confused look...followed by a "Oh no you DIDN'T" look. He came across the store and said "WHAT did you just put in your cart?" and I busted out laughing....."A BUNNY honey! Isn't he CUTE!? I think I'll start collecting them!" LOLOL

Revenge is mine! And I have an English-debonaire-colorful bunny to prove it! Which I actually like! Am I REALLY going to collect bunnies? Absolutely not! But that will teach him! And hey....he better watch it...because word has it that Kimm was thinking of starting a gawdy napkin holder collection for him next! ;o)

Oh! Scraps!

The winner of the drawing was #5...Catherine wrote - "Oh what a lovely quilt! Please include me for a chance at the scraps - the things one could do with those...." Congrats, Catherine! Let me know where I should mail the scraps! Can't wait to hear what you do with them!

Thanks for everyone's's always fun to read them!



Littlebit said...

Congrats to the winner of those scraps! Lucky girl! Oh, KK..your bunny tale cracked me up. But what a darling bunny that is! lol! MM

Catherine said...

Oohhh! What a way to start my day! I was reading along enjoying the Tale of the Hubby Bunny when next I read that I am the lucky winner! I will email you my address - thank you so much!!

Deb said...

Oh my gosh Kim! You had me cracking up with that story about your DH and the bunnies! That's what they get for those snarky remarks! But I think your bunny is perfect! And congrats to Catherine for winning the fabric!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Loved the bunny story.

Cari said...

Heehee - what a hilarious story, poor hubby! But, your bunny truly is wonderful!

Margaret said...

Oh, nice thrift finds! I love the bunny too -- maybe you should start collecting bunnies for your hubbie after all. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!

I've said it before but OMGosh you find the BEST thrifty items!! I am totally in love with your bunny and would have picked him up too!! Love Thrift Thursday!


Jackie said...

You need to share your thrifting tips! I am never so lucky!

I think you need to bring home about a dozen more bunnies to really get your point across! The look on his face must have been priceless!

KsMaryLou said...

I've collected bunnies for years, and think you've started your hubby bunny collection with a great one. That'll teach hubby to be snarky won't it? LOL

Tolentreasures said...

Love the bunny story! My younger daughter and I have threatened for years to start my older daughter a Basset Hound collection and sometimes we actually sneak something into her Christmas presents somehow. I would have bought the bunny too, he is very nice!