Thursday, December 31, 2009

The LAST Thrifty Thursday of the Decade!

Can you believe it? Another decade GONE! POOF! Vanished right before our eyes!

This is, indeed, the last Thrifty Thursday post of this decade! Hard to believe!

This week was light on thrifting, but as always, I managed to find a few things.

Hubby was along when I picked up the lovely box. Its metal with a mesh lid. Not old or anything...just a cool metal box for two bucks. Of course I got the "What are you going to put in THAT?" My patience is wearing thin....he should know better than to interrogate me about my thrifty purchases!! LOL I do not KNOW what I'm going to put in it. Loads of DMC? A knitting project? A sampler project? Maybe nothing! Who knows!

I found this great old sugar bowl for a buck.

I wish I knew more about it...the pattern etc. It's not marked. Very crazed on the inside and was stuffed with old yellowed newspaper. Of course I was hoping I would yank out that newspaper and there'd be a wad of cash in there, but nope. Go figure! ;o) It will be a nice addition to my little collection of white sugar bowls I seem to have started.

And then there were these!

Are they not the cutest?

I have a small spooner glass right now on my counter that holds a multitude of old silver baby spoons and another that holds sugar shells. I was thrilled to find these to add to the collection and thought the fork was a score too! I happen to have a keychain that I purchased at a quilt show from a lady that crafts items from antique silver, and the keychain exactly matches the handles on this lovely little pair! The silver was three for a buck!

And of course the bowl...

Two bucks....had to have it...loved the colors in it. Hubs says he doesn't like it. He says he doesn't like orange. Well....I have come to actually love a shot of orange here and there! This will keep all my other odd pottery bowls company and I will enjoy it with a big bowl of cereal some late night I'm sure!

This is prime time to check out your thrifting shops! Everyone rushing to get their end of the year donations in! Check out your area and see what treasures await!

Now we'll say good bye to 2009 and in a few hours welcome in 2010!!! YAY!



Margaret said...

Love your finds as usual. Especially the baby spoons and fork -- so fun! I hadn't thought of this as being a good thrifting time of year, but of course you're quite right! Happy New Year!

Glenna said...

Good advice on the thrifting! And the bowl is great--wonder why people don't like orange! Happy thrifting, and happy new year!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love your thrifty finds! Hope you have another good year thrifting. Wishing you a very happy and blessed New Year!


Catherine said...

You've done it again! I always love your finds - this time I really love the spoons and fork!!

Happy New Year!

Deb said...

Great finds as usual Kim! Your stories about your DH and asking "What are you going to do with that" just crack me up because my DH is the same way. I would never, ever, not in a million years ever, take him thrift shopping with me. He'd drive me nuts! LOL

Have a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You find some of the neatest stuff. My husband asks me that sort of thing too, what are you going to do with that? Does it matter? LOL Happy New Year!

Tolentreasures said...

Great finds as always! Feeling the need to thrift here also, it's been way too long!

Happy New Year.


Joanna said...

Oh my goodness - I just starting doing Thrifty Thursdays 5 weeks ago - I am so excited to see someone else does it too! You are so right about the end of the year - I went yesterday and they were packed full of new goodies!!

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Nice old things. Wish you have a happy new year.

Expunged said...

Old but nice. Great thrifty finds.

Expunged said...

Old but nice. Great thrifty finds.