Saturday, December 12, 2009

Have I Ever Shown You This?

I love Tom Clark gnomes! Have I ever showed you this one?

He's my Michael Jackson gnome! Isn't he handsomely cute?

Actually he's Meshach the gnome. But one day quite a while ago I discovered that he had been broken....I'm certain by someone throwing dog toys around..though NOBODY could even beLIEVE he had been broken. Wha? Not meeee? I don't know WHAT could have happened to it!

Hubs wanted to toss it in the garbage but I said No!!! I kinda like him! He looks like Michael Jackson....

AFTER a few too many nose jobs! Yep...Meshach had his snozzola broken off. And now...Aaaaah...isn't he just so little Michael Jackson gnome! ;o)

In other news...I have started, and restarted and restarted yet AGAIN the baktus scarf but am now on a roll and have finally 'gotten it' as far as the pattern and when to increase etc.

I think it will be quite colorful! That's what I'm going to work on tonight!

Had a wonderful day today out and about with my buds Kimm, Christy & Jen. We hit up a couple little shops for holiday gifts for others and ourselves...and had a fun lunch with lotsa laughs! Always a good time! AND I got one more gift that's a plus! I'm almost done now!

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!!



Glenna said...

Too funny about Mesach the MJ gnome! Now you need to knit him a little white glove! Your scarf is looking lovely--I've been eyeing a pretty ruffled scarf pattern and a pile of pale blue soft yarn and debating whether to stitch or knit. Such a problem!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Kim ~ I'm always interested in the things that we both like ~ red glasses for one ~ other things I can't remember right now ~ and Tom Clark pieces. I have several of his Santas ~ even had them signed by him a long time ago ~ despite our age difference ~ we have lots in common!!!!! Now, I want to knit!!

Anonymous said...

I love your little gnome! Hey, I have a Santa ice skating on a pond that I have had for years and you know know how many times he's been broken in various parts, and glued back together, I just couldn't part with him. Well, I was about to throw him away once, and hubby glued him back together really well, now he sits very safely on the bookshelf since I keep my Santas out all year round.

Margaret said...

Poor little gnome! He's cute anyway -- how could your hubbie say to throw him out! Sacrilege! I love your scarf start too - such pretty colors! Yummy!

Siobhan said...

ROFLOL at Mesach, the Michael Jackson gnome! Poor guy--but yeah, at closer inspection, he does resemble the gloved wonder. Love the wip!

Lily said...

Kim, really like your Baktus scarf. Went on line and got a pattern for it. I love to knit, so that is my next project!
I enjoy reading your blog regularly and seeing the additions to your collections!

Cari said...

Your gnome is just too funny!

Love, love, love your scarf - what wonderful, cheery colors!

Paulette said...

Whoa, look at you playing with that depth of field!! You go, girl. Give that Nikon of yours a workout. ;)


Paulette said...

Btw, the scarf is AMAZING. And so is Meshack! Oh man, I forgot how to spell his name??