Sunday, December 20, 2009

Around The House This Weekend

It's really feeling, looking and smelling like Christmas around the house this weekend!

Yesterday was the big candy makin' & cookie bakin' day.....with all the regular Christmas staples.


Chex Mix....double batch...the hubby likes to take it with him when he ventures out on the ice for some winter fishing. Crazy're not gonna catch me sitting out on the ice! Brrrrrr!

Rolo Pretzel Turtles.....the kids LOVE these! I had a couple little helpers help me make these yesterday. A friend of Jerry's needed his help fixing his car, so he brought his daughters over...we had a wonderful day. They're 8 and 10, and we made these yummy candies...ran some errands....colored...and watched lots of Nickelodeon the entire time. It was a fun afternoon and the candy was made!

Then the last batch was gingersnaps. I made one batch extra large, and then sliced up a quart of vanilla ice cream and made monster ice cream sandwiches. We are now officially sick of gingersnaps after eating just one of those sandwiches! I didn't take a pic...completely forgot! But I'm guessing it's not hard to imagine what they looked like!

I typically make fudge and other goodies, but mom sent up a wonderful care package filled with fudge, pecan tassies and buckeyes! And our neighbor usually always brings over a huge tray of goodies, so we decided this is PLENTY with a capital P!

There has been no more quilt binding happening around here this month...I had good intentions, but it's just not working out to get anything basted and quilted right now.

Instead, I've been consumed with the baktus scarf.

Love this Crazy Zauberball yarn! I have some regular Zauberball yarn, but this Crazy Zauberball is so fun because the yarn is two ply...two different colors twisted together and so you really get a neat look as the color transitions.

It's an easy pattern, but does give me reason to use some of my lovely little stitch markers to keep track of the increase row.

I'm almost to the halfway point....almost.

I'm guessing I'll get lots done on it today...because Emmitt has already set the tone for the day...

I'm going to shower and then get into some comfy lounge clothes....and knit! Happy Sunday!



Tins and Treasures said...

It does sound like a fun day...I made a huge batch of party mix too. We still have 3 days of school left so correcting papers here...

Love your yarn!

Best Wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas ~Natalie

Deb said...

Love your tree Kim, and it sounds like you had a wonderful day making all those goodies. That's what we have scheduled for today - including lots of gingerbread. I'll probably get sick of it too.:)

Love your yarn! I've never seen that before but it looks really great.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Jackie said...

I'm not sure I'm going to get much holiday baking done this year. Yours looks delicious and I love the idea of making ice cream sammies out of the cookies!

Laurie in Iowa said...

The tree is beautiful and all the treats looks yummy. Love the yarn you're using... gorgeous.

Margaret said...

Lots of yumminess going on over there! :D I just love that yarn you're using for your scarf! So why do you have to increase? Is it not just a normal scarf? Does it do something funky shapewise? Enjoy your knitting!

TamboinMO said...

Your tree is beautiful and it sounds like you are enjoying the holidays....lounging and knitting...sounds like a perfect day!

Tolentreasures said...

Your cookies are making me hungry. I love Chex Mix also and have not made that in years!
Love that yarn.


Melissa said...

OMG! Buckeyes! I remember the first time I had them and haven't had them since we left Ohio oh so many years ago. I may just have to make a batch this week.

Your tree is beautiful. And that scarf is fab.

Glenna said...

The baking and the knitting look wonderful. I love party mix, but I try not to make it because I munch, munch, munch through it until I'm nearly sick. The scarf is truly beautiful.

Littlebit said...

Home looks so festive KK!! Just beautiful and cozy! I am SO missing sewing at this point..dreaming of beautiful quilts when there is more time. Your knitting is beautiful! MM

Loraine said...

All those wonderful goodies are making me hungry!
And BTW what a beautiful tree!
You seriously crack me up with all of your thrifty posts. (Another globe! Good for you!)
I can't believe a Longaberger for two dollars. Bet the kid that marked that basket was in big trouble!!! I hope you can get the marker off. Do you think you could send it in to be fixed? Let us know what you decide to do.
Have a great Christmas! Enjoy your family.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those Snickerdoodles look good, I have my recipe out to make them, and I have been to the store 3 times and I keep forgetting ot get the stuff I'm missing to make some, they have to be my most favorite cookie. That yarn you are using for that project is gorgeous! Love the colors.

Cari said...

Oh yes that Crazy Zauberball is just that...isn't it fun to knit with? Have a great week - Hugs and Merry Christmas!!

Paulette said...

Your home looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

Can I come over for some snacks?


Deb said...

I can smell your cookies from here - the house looks wonderful. Hope you have a great Christmas. Here it will be mild for Christmas (27 C) so the traditional lunch is on the menu (you know roast and pudding) - doesn't go down too well some years when it's
35 C+! Hope Santa brings you something nice!