Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Inspiration!

Finally I got to a quilt show! Saturday I met up with a group of great friends and attended the Sioux Falls Quilters Guild quilt show at the Convention Center. I was primed and ready for the sights!

Inspiration was found....


Color and Applique!

Reproductions and Applique!

Wonderful scrap quilts!

And more wonderful color!

I so loved this one.....

so very much. It's made entirely out of the maker's husband and father's shirts. I will now be looking for mens shirts on my Goodwill jaunts to make one very similar. I loved the faded 'beachy' look....just simple brick rectangles...but oh it made my heart sing!

And I was rather well behaved at the vendors...except for one booth....a super friendly gal that happens to be a hand dyer and screen printer. I had to bring home some of her wares...

More color!

Isn't it fabulous?

And I just loved the colorful covered 3 ring binder!

The supplies I purchased from her are for a fabulous quilt she had hanging in her looks VERRRRY similar to the binder fun FUNKY! COLOR! The upcoming winter season is going to be packed with colorful creativity! I'm going to make sure of that! It will be my saving grace on those days on end without sun.

But for now....I'm heading downstairs to work on my quilt with those yummy Rouenneries fabrics......more on that later...though it's honestly going to be a super simple quilt. I'm hoping the fabric will do the work and be just the look I'm going for!

Hope you've had lots of inspiration wherever you are this weekend!



Karen said...

The repro quilt & the applique are both very good. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Kathie said...

oh my looks like a great show, would love to see the color and applique you have a full picture of that quilt PLEASE!!!!!
have to say love the faded beachy look too
wow that would make a great picnic quilt

Margaret said...

Just one word! Yum!!! I miss going to quilt shows.

Deb said...

Oh, all that color! Going to a quilt show can really reve up the engine for inspiration! Dang! I haven't seen any shows around here which is surprising. Usually I see a couple advertised this time of year! But that's probably a good thing - I don't need to be adding to my stash!

Catherine G. said...

Love the quilt made from the shirts!! What a comforting thought - to be kept warm by something worn by your loved ones!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your purchases ~ beautiful colors!!! I'm sure they'll be in a quilt by next week!!!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, what gorgeous pictures, Kim!! Talk about eye candy. The applique quilt--the first one--omg. Wow wow wow.

Deb said...

Looks like a great show. The hand dyes are stunning.