Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

The thrifty activity was almost nil for me this week. Busy evenings that didn't allow me to stop off at my on-the-way-home jaunt but once. This doesn't make me happy, is what it is I suppose!

I was able to pick up two things......isn't this cool?

Hammered aluminum ice bucket....$3.00. Do I NEEEED an ice bucket? don't suppose....but I don't have one...and what if I DO need one? This one's cool and in excellent condition! :o)

And....soon my quilting 'studio' will really be looking like a shop if I keep this up! Not only are there bolts of fabric down there...but I found THIS to add to the mix!

Isn't it wonderful? As soon as I saw it sitting there I grabbed it...for $3.50...and knew it would house a small portion of the ever-growing yarn stash! For this photography session, I tossed in a few balls. It's lovely and tall and in great condition! I saw one similar quite a few months ago..but it wasn't in this good of shape...and actually I think the configuration was a bit different. Anyhoo, I passed it by at $5 and then days later decided I should have gotten it...went back to that particular GW and it was gone and I kicked myself a little. But see....good things come to those who wait! This was cheaper AND nicer! :o)

My friend Kimm (blogless at the moment) and I are trekking out Saturday for some thrifty fun and lunch and more thrifty fun, so I'm sure next week's Thrifty Thursday will be a bit more entertaining! :o)

Did you score any thrifty finds this week? Hope your week's been grand!



Deb said...

Cool finds Kim! I especially love the tiered stand. That will look so great with a lot of colorful yarn in it! Good luck on your thrifty trip this weekend. I haven't found anything lately, although haven't even had the time to look. Maybe this weekend in NY!

Catherine G. said...

Great items! I need to find some time search for a few good thrifty stores near me!

Cari said...

What great finds! I will definitely tune in next Thursday to see what goodies you and Kimm discover.

Tolentreasures said...

I have an ice bucket just like that and I use it alot and my kids are always borrowing it also. It works better than the "new" one that I have.


Margaret said...

Well I was pretty happy with this week's thrifty Thursday myself! lol! I love that stand for your yarn! It's wonderful! $3.50 -- unbelievable! And your ice bucket -- I love it! You are one good thrifter!

Love to Stitch said...

Great finds! I love the ice bucket, I am sure you can find a great crafty use for it! Love Love Love the stand you are using for yarn. Not only a useful item, but it looks great in the room! How fun to find items to use for a totally different use :)