Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Primrose Inn

Doesn't that sound like a wonderful place to stay? Old Primrose Inn. Can't you picture the place...a stately inn.....tastefully appointed with wonderful antiques....vintage linens on the bed....old china on the bedside table....a slight breeze moving the curtains. Aaaaah....I wanna go there! Wherever it is!

That's the name of the new Blackbird Designs fabric line for Moda...Old Primrose Inn. I seriously LOVE this line....dare I say more than some others? I think it's because it's darker...muddier....vintage! And with color names like 'basil' 'sea salt' 'cayenne' and 'walnut'...oh...yummy colors!!

I thought I was sold out of this yesterday, but received word today that I have two ...yes..just TWO...additional fat quarter bundles shipping to me!

Not to tempt you, but just to inform you! ;o) If you'd like one of the two bundles...just let me know! $89 will deliver it to your door next week!

I'm enjoying a relaxing Friday's been a long week. This would be the perfect weekend to be unwinding and enjoying some leisurely time at a place like I imagine Old Primrose Inn to be!

Hope your week was swell!



bonnie b, the scrappy bee said...

However, the Old Primrose Inn, will never adopt unmatched salt or pepper shakers. Sigh! However, I could use some blooming roses as the days are shorter and darker. If the border of the quilt I'm working wasn't waving to me, necessitating fixing, everything would be peachy.

Deb said...

I'm not looking - I swear I'm not looking!!! Okay, I looked and if it wasn't for this danged trip (although I'm looking so forward to it), those would be winging their way to my door. Just can't have enough fabric can you! UGH! I need to stop looking!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Paulette said...

Oh my gosh, I got my order from you today, and these are STUNNING!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!


Littlebit said...

Oh, Kim..I'm so glad Paulette and I were able to snag a couple of these bundles!! I CAN'T WAIT to get mine from her house and see them up close and personal. I can just see that quilt on my bed next summer. Ahhhh, I loved your description of Old Primrose Inn...maybe "Somewhere in Time" playing softly..thanks, Kim! MM