Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Gift of an Extra Hour!

I LOVE this time of year....when it seems we get the gift of an extra hour! I was up early....6:35 on a Sunday! of course we play the little game "Well it's REALLY 7:35..." but still. You get the idea! It was a great day...full of sunshine, great temps, visits from the kids. And I even got some things done!

I whipped out some new Oooh-La-La vintage inspired French linen dishtowels!! In my French General order that arrived, I had a couple rolls of this great toweling!

Love! That red...oh it's yummy. Slightly faded looking....wonderful! And the natural...can't go wrong!

This stuff is wonderful! 16" off the roll and already hemmed along the long edges. You just cut to length and hem the ends!

Can't get much simpler! I had six sewn and in the washer in no time!

Of course as I'm sewing them I'm thinking I should have ordered an additional roll or two and I'd have some instant Christmas gifts! Everyone can use some new dish towels huh?

But I will keep what I have in my Ebay shop and share the love. Now...they came out of the dryer a little wrinkly so I thought I'd practice being a domestic diva and I did spend a little time steaming and pressing, but I'm certain this will not be an everyday occurrence! You can see some of my steam blobs still wet on the towels! LOL

I also cast on a new pair of socks....but you don't really want to see the beginning of THAT....not yet...not yet. I also brought quilt #2 up from the basement and placed it by my chair so I can work on binding this week.

While the hubs and Sam were out trying to flush some pheasants up from the fields...Emmitt and I soaked up the sun and enjoyed a leisurely stroll...we watched some football...tried to take a nap but it just didn't work...for me....he was all about the nap but I couldn't do it. Sorry, Emmitt!

And now here I 9:58PM. You'd think I would be tired...since it's REALLY 10:58...ah you know what I mean! Hope you enjoyed the gift of your extra hour this weekend!



Catherine G. said...

I absolutely love the towels!! I am a firm believer that one can always, always use new dish towels!

Margaret said...

Oh I love that toweling! Sigh. I need to be good! :( Good for you for starting a new pair of socks. My latest dream is to learn to knit in at least two colors for fair isle type knitting. Yeah right! (Ask me for a link and I'll show you why. :D )

ranette said...

Love the toweling....just love it!

Laurie in Iowa said...

That toweling looks wonderful.

Deb said...

I really love those towels, but man are my resources slim! You always get the greatest things so it's hard to resist. And can't wait to see the new socks! Someday I'm going to try a pair of them. DH likes to keep the temp down in the house. BRRRRRRR.

Cari said...

Wow, you had quite the productive day! I love your towels they are wonderful and look very vintage!

Enjoy your week.

Siobhan said...

Yeay on the dish towels! What a great idea to have them as gifts, too.