Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whew! Finally Saturday Butt Time!

Well okay....I'm a little behind schedule...I had hoped to be plopped on my behind around 5:00 or so....but hey, what can I say!?'s true MM Marsha...I did scoot out and enjoy a leisurely lunch...

but a gal needs her sustenance! And it was a few minutes of time with the Jakester, who so nicely decided to grace me with his presence for lunch! But then, after a few was down to business time!

Banana cake done....I think I'll put on a pot of coffee because that's gonna need to be taste-tested this evening! ;o)

Quilt binding sewn, pressed and on the quilts! WOO! Huge task...especially when sweet little Emmitt felt like 'nesting' in each puddle of quilt off the side of my sewing table. This makes it difficult to maneuver huge quilts! LOL Poor guy...he couldn't understand why I kept jolting him from his cozy spot! Now handwork awaits!

And the huge chunk of linen....zig zagged and ready! 34" x 46"....nice big chunk. Hmmmm...I just wonder what I could possibly be getting ready to tackle...again! *SIGH* That's a clue for you! I started this sampler about 5 years ago or so....on 40ct linen with AVAS almost 1/2 done (I think there's a pic of it in one of my stitching albums on webshots still)...and then I couldn't stand it anymore. AVAS was not an enjoyable fiber to work with. So I sent it off to another ambitious stitcher. Now...I will start with 35ct Elegant Bean...and good ol' DMC. Any ideas what the mammoth beauty is? I'm sure you do! ;o)

But now...time to tackle the pile of magazines and books beside my chair!

Kathie, that is Joe Cunningham's new book "Amish Abstractions" you spied in the pile. It is WONDERFUL inspiration if anyone loves Amish quilts. Fantastic eye candy and I can't wait to delve in to the written part too! ;o) But I think first I will start paging thru and ripping out of some of these magazines that keep finding their way in to my mailbox. Not the quilting ones...I don't rip those!

And then....

quality time with Ann!

I hope you've all had a great Saturday! It's been practically perfect around here!



KsMaryLou said...

Gee could that large piece been Dutch Beauty? I don't blame you about giving up on the AVAS..... that stuff and I just don't get along at all.

You've been one might busy gal today, wish I had just a fraction of your giddy up.

Littlebit said...

All I can think of is Dutch BLANKET! I guess I should tell Paulette that I curl up under hers when I go over there to let the naughty Golden out when she's not home. Yes, you definitley deserved Panera after such a productive day. MM

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Mmmm.... I love Panera! Your cake looks delicious and those quilt blocks are just gorgeous! Ann is gorgeous even from the backside - wish I could say the same about me! LOL!

Have a great day, Kim!

Deb said...

You got a lot done yesterday Kim. Good for you and ymmmm on the Panera! One of my favorites. I mulled over in my head what the piece could be and have to come up with Dutch Beauty like everyone else. What a project especially if you were already 1/2 day done. Wow, I can't believe it. Hope you got more time on Ann last night. And would you like to come over and go through my magazines for me - I must have two years worth. They keep showing up in the mail box and I cancelled all the subscriptions. Don't know what's up with that.