Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ~ Treasures Past

It's been a hectic week around here and so I haven't had much time to trek out in search of treasure this week. Tis a very sad thing indeed!

So I thought I would instead show you some random shots from around the house where I have used my past treasures!

The sideboard by the front door....don't you love that blue butterfly?? It's a real butterfly that I found...framed and all! The little crystal pedestal dish is holding another real butterfly that was laying in the driveway. Too pretty to let stay outside!

I found the two copper plates at different those and the color! Squatty little partridge...makes a nice little accent I thought!

I love boxes and pick them up whenever I see them! I especially like this little collection, as they all remind me of quilts!

RED RED RED! I love red! Found each of these at different times....and they all have the same glaze technique! If I see more, I will add to this collection!

There's the pig...I don't think I ever did name him? Hmmm...and he stands beside the lovely domed cake plate. The red food processor---not a thrift find. ;o)

A small portion of handthrown pottery I have picked up. I seriously am running an orphanage for abandoned pottery. Seriously.

And this is the view down the hallway. I have this thing for city scapes..street scenes. I've hung this bunch together, and have several others that need framed or re-framed. I've also been finding some cool glass paperweights..and they are there with some of my 'library'.

A quick little trip thru the house for you today! Hope your week's been going grand!



Jan said...

Oh Kim, love, love the pics!! Thanks, what eye candy, love all of that orphaned pottery!

BTW, wanted to say also, if I didn't before how much I love that cabinet you found!! Whoopie!!

Cari said...

What fun to have a glimpse into your little corner of the world - you definitely have an eye for putting things together and arranging them.

Thanks for the tour.

Deb said...

Love that red glassware Kim. How vibrant and beautiful. Sorry that you didn't get out for your weekly thift shop finds. Maybe you'll be able to get into double trouble next week!

TamboinMO said...

Looks like you got some great finds. Really love that blue partridge and those red glaze pots....those would look awesome in my kitchen!!!