Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sidetracked Saturday!

Break time! I have been sidetracked today! UGH! Does that ever happen to you?

Earlier in the week these beauties were finally delivered

Ooooh...aaaaah....Moda Alliance nine patch kits! Love the fabric covered box..a nice change from the tin lunch boxes other kits have come in. I was so excited...and naturally thought that I could quick get the borders done on the one quilt languishing away in the sewing room and then start on this puppy!

Looks like it will be quick piecing!

It's all I could do to not rip in to those jelly rolls and start cranking out strip sets!

But first things first, I told myself. through and do a quick clean up around the house. Find a place for this first...

because it was still sitting in the living room. So I moved it down to the sewing room.....which then meant that I had to move a few things around down there....and then one thing led to another and another....

and now I have a big mess in the sewing room! I just left it for now...came upstairs and ran the vacuum, dusted, kitchen cleaned...etc. and now am taking a break!

If there's any sewing to be done, I am going to HAVE to tackle the mess I've created downstairs! So I highly doubt that the 9 patch kit will be seeing the light of day today.

And for that matter...I have BASKETS on the worktable downstairs being traced. So I think I'll finish tidying up the sewing room and then finish tracing those baskets...BEFORE I cut and sew borders. AAAACK! I hate getting sidetracked! LOL

Hopefully will have some quilt pics of some sort for you tomorrow!



Cari said...

ahhhh -- the sights and sounds of adult ADHD !! LOL - one thing just leads to another doesn't it? Love the new fabric and pattern. Look forward to seeing your progress!! HUGS

Margaret said...

Ohhhh it looks so yummy!!!!! I'm dreaming of 9 patches now. lol! Sorry you got sidetracked. I've definitely had that happen to me! Argh!

Deb said...

Kim - I definitely feel your pain with being sidetracked. I've been that way for three months - think I'm done, ready to go and then I find something that needs to be gone through, thrown out - next thing I know I've got a huge mess scattered around the room and I'm back to square one! Hope you get the mess cleaned up quick. I want to see some nine patches!!